Australians to be fed folate in bread

Folate-fortified bread is set to hit our shelves, while New Zealand backs off.

6 Oct 2009 | In a bid to reduce neural tube defects (NTDs) in unborn babies, from mid-September bakers will be required to use flour containing folic acid in their bread products.


New Telstra fee not compulsory

Telstra’s CEO has a change of heart – anyone with concerns can be exempt from the new fee that came into effect today.

14 Sep 2009 | Telstra’s new $2.20 fee, charged to customers who don’t pay their bills electronically, will no longer be forced on customers who ring Telstra to express why they need to continue paying in cash.

Telco bill shock on the rise

The shock of costly bills from telcos has given rise to this new term, and figures indicate it’s a growing problem.

8 Sep 2009 | “Bill-shock” occurs when people receive internet or telephone bills that are far higher than expected. People are increasingly complaining about shock-inducing bills according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

Caffeine-laden drinks appeal to kids

A new drink promises to make ‘good energy’. CHOICE looks at the source of these claims.

11 Aug 2009 | Smart Energy, a range of drinks by wellknown juice brand Spring Valley, contains as much caffeine as other energy drinks, such as Red Bull and V.

Australia post's terms unfair

A David vs Goliath battle has emerged out of a recent case over a lost item in the mail.

7 Aug 2009 | Australia Post’s terms and conditions relating to liability for missing packages have been found to be in breach of the law by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Beware these lethal lollies

We couldn’t tell some compressed cotton wipes from lollies at first glance – so we’re concerned a young child couldn’t either

6 Aug 2009 | Although these wipes are not toys, given that they’re likely to appeal to parents with small children, CHOICE believes their current lolly-like form is inappropriate.

Drowning in e-waste

As digital TVs replace analog sets and more TVs end up in landfill, what can be done about recycling?

5 Aug 2009 | Approximately 1.5 million obsolete TV sets are sent to landfill each year and this number is to set to escalate as the digital network rolls out, according to Tipping Point: Australia’s E-waste Crisis, a report by the Total Environment Centre (TEC).

Woolworths enters the mobile phone market

With involvement already in groceries, fuel and frequent flyer schemes, Woolworths is now turning its attention to mobile phones.

4 Aug 2009 | Woolworths has entered the mobile phone market, offering a new pre-paid service in conjunction with Optus.

Big banks' fee reduction could be better

The Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and St George have announced they will reduce their penalty fees on some accounts – but CHOICE doesn’t think this goes far enough.

3 Aug 2009 | While CHOICE welcomes the announcement that from October penalty fees for some Commonwealth, Westpac and St George customers will be reduced, the justification for charging added costs remains a concern for the consumer group.

Kilojoules on the menu

Some fast food chains in the UK and US are giving consumers information to make healthier choices – but Australia is missing out.

31 Jul 2009 | Among other measures to combat obesity, the federal government’s new Preventative Health Taskforce is considering whether restaurants and fast food chains should display the number of calories/kilojoules alongside each item on the menu.

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