man celebrating new year on a mountain at sunset

Top consumer resolutions

From finance to shopping to travel, we lay out the smartest choices for 2015.

29 Dec 2014 | We outline the best ways to stretch your money in the new year.

computer key with recycling symbol

Recycle your Christmas e-waste responsibly

Found a new phone or laptop under the Christmas tree? We show you how to safely recycle the old one.

25 Dec 2014 | Many people receive brand new electronic gifts for Christmas, which often replace their old or outdated models. Free e-cycling services will take your old tech off your hands and safely recycle the parts, keeping dangerous chemicals out of landfill.


NSW government outlines reforms to car repair industry

Reforms aimed at improving shoddy repair jobs and motorist safety.

24 Dec 2014 | The NSW government commits to only nine of the 21 recommendations of an inquiry into insurer-owned smash repairers.


Homeopathy Plus!, minus credibility

Court finds no basis to claims made by Homeopathy Plus!

24 Dec 2014 | A website peddling homeopathic "vaccines" and spreading misinformation about the effectiveness of the proper whooping cough vaccine has breached Australian Consumer Law.

man with stick chasing santa

Chrisco Christmas hampers taken to task by the ACCC

Christmas payment plan merchant in the firing line for unfair contracts.

23 Dec 2014 | Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network shines spotlight on Chrisco's dodgy Christmas hamper sales tactics.

graphic of person with a shark behind him

Coles guilty of unconscionable conduct, fined $10m

Supermarket pays the price for bullying suppliers.

22 Dec 2014 | Coles has been slammed with a $10 million fine after admitting to unconscionable conduct against suppliers.

extended warranty sign

Fisher & Paykel slammed for sending fishy extended warranty letters

ACCC notches up another win after busting Fisher & Paykel.

22 Dec 2014 | Fisher & Paykel has been found guilty of misleading consumers after sending out fishy extended warranty letters that misrepresented consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law.


North Qld home insurance premiums through the roof

The government has proposed measures to bring down home insurance premiums in North Queensland - but will they work?

22 Dec 2014 | A comparison website and allowing foreign insurers are among the plans to reduce home insurance premiums, but insurers believe risk mitigation is more helpful.


CHOICE Christmas spending survey reveals a tale of two Christmases

'Tis the season to tighten belts.

19 Dec 2014 | Almost three in ten Australians are expecting to spend less on Christmas this year, a CHOICE survey has found.

family and friends sharing food at Christmas

How to avoid food poisoning this Christmas

Top tips for ensuring your seafood, ham, turkey and all the trimmings are safe to eat.

18 Dec 2014 | Ready for Christmas turkey with all the trimmings? Follow these food safety tips to prevent food poisoning from spoiling your festive season.

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