Pill bottles on a pharmacy shelf

Online doctor hits Australia

Doctus allows consumers to buy prescriptions without needing to see their GP first.

3 Jun 2014 | A new service is offering consumers the opportunity to buy a prescription online without a face-to-face consultation with a doctor.

Man, boy and girl work on their wireless devices.

Household tech habits changing

The average Australian home now has up to eight wireless devices.

2 Jun 2014 | New research shows the average Australian household has up to eight wireless devices, and relies less on broadband out and about.

Online parcels delivered through the screen.

Older Australians embrace shopping online

Online retails sales increase with older consumers leading the growth.

2 Jun 2014 | NAB online retail sales index shows online sales have increased with older Australians becoming the fastest growing age group for spending.

Doctor holds a piggy bank with a band aid on it

AMA warns of shorter appointments as a result of $7 co-payments

GPs are likely to churn through more patients to make up for income shortfall, says AMA president.

2 Jun 2014 | Doctors who continue to bulk-bill will be forced to see patients for less time to make up for income shortfall says AMA president.

Google logo under a magnifying glass

Google inundated with search result deletion requests

A new form launched by Google in the EU has been a hit with locals.

2 Jun 2014 | Search giant Google has received thousands of requests for information to be removed from European searches after an ECJ ruling upheld the right to be forgotten in the EU.

baskets of vegetables with not genetically modified sign

Landmark GM case handed down in WA

Organic farmer's lawsuit against neighbour who planted a GM crop has been dismissed in WA.

30 May 2014 | A WA court has ruled against a farmer who sued his neighbour for contaminating his organic farm with Monsanto Group's Roundup Ready canola.

question mark over medical diagnosis using Wikipedia

Wikipedia unreliable for health information

Be cautious when using Wikipedia for medical advice, warn researchers.

29 May 2014 | Most Wikipedia articles representing serious health conditions contain errors, according to study.

Calipers pinching stomach

Australians are getting fatter

A study suggests that Australians are on par with Americans when it comes to obesity.

29 May 2014 | A global study reveals that obesity rates are climbing worldwide and Australians are getting fatter faster.

A carton of fresh eggs

ACCC cracks down on alleged egg cartel

The Australian Egg Corporation is being accused of attempting to reduce the supply of eggs.

29 May 2014 | Industry body, the Australian Egg Corporation, is being taken to court for alleged trying to reduce the egg supply in order to prevent an oversupply.

Money spills out of bag

How much more will university cost?

Students could soon be paying much more for their university degrees (even if they're dead).

29 May 2014 | The deregulation of university fees is likely to increase costs for students. And those students could be paying off their loans from beyond the grave, with the education minister ideologically supporting the idea of collecting HECS debts from deceased estates.

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