illustration of bank teller wearing red tie and red pin

Coles Bank: coming soon?

Is Coles Bank about to shake up the big four’s dominance of the sector?

12 Jun 2014 | Supermarket giant Coles is set to delve even deeper into financial services and products, with rumours suggesting it's set to move into banking services.

Kids playing soccer

Kids targeted through junk food sports sponsorship

Researchers are concerned that the benefits of sport are being undermined by unhealthy messages from sponsors.

12 Jun 2014 | A study has found Australian children are being exposed to unhealthy messages for up to four hours per week during community sport – particularly outdoor cricket and rugby league.

A veggie garden

Ausveg takes on Woolworths over Jamie's Garden

Woolworths' Jamie Oliver campaign levy slammed by vegetable growers body.

12 Jun 2014 | Ausveg appeals to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to demand that Woolworths refunds producers its Jamie's Garden marketing levy.

Counterfeit Miu Miu wallet

UN to consumers: don't buy counterfeits

Counterfeiting is funding criminals around the world, the UN has warned.

12 Jun 2014 | The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has linked the $250 billion counterfeiting industry to organised crime, labour exploitation and environmental damage.

Skyscraper with a dollar sign.

Time to axe the ‘Australia tax’

CHOICE makes submission to the Competition Policy Review

11 Jun 2014 | CHOICE's submission to the Competition Policy Review calls of the government to act on price discrimination.

Colourful singlets on a clothing rack

Textiles union takes fashion brands to court

More than 20 clothing brands are alleged to have breached laws designed to protect Australian outworkers.

10 Jun 2014 | A range of clothing brands manufacturing in Australia are being taken to court by the textiles union for allegedly breaching laws designed to protect workers.

forensic tracking of invisible nanotechnology barcodes

Thermal barcodes to tag hot property

Invisible barcodes created with nanotechnology could be used to track drugs, explosives and ink.

6 Jun 2014 | Covert barcodes based on the unique thermal properties of nanoparticles will assist in tracking objects and authenticating documents.

Fake monks in Sydney

Fake Buddhist monks back in Sydney

Scammers dressed in Buddhist robes are back in Sydney to take advantage of crowds at the Vivid festival.

6 Jun 2014 | Phony monks soliciting for donations and intimidating those who refuse to give them have reportedly returned to Sydney.

rolled banknotes representing wages

Weekly wages worsening

The incomes of Australians are in decline, according to new ABS wage data.

5 Jun 2014 | Weekly income is on the decline for the first time since 2008, according to new ABS wage data

Rising flood waters threaten a home

Home insurance and climate change

Premiums could rise by as much as 92% in high-risk areas.

5 Jun 2014 | A report by the Climate Institute calls for homeowners to have better access to natural disaster risk information.

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