imperfect strawberry

Consumers and farmers to benefit from discount produce

A scarred apple or carrot with two legs shouldn't be consigned to the dump.

17 Sep 2014 | Harris Farms' new initiative redresses the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fresh and tasty fruit and veg are discarded each year in Australia due to visual imperfections.


International Funkaustellung 2014

What's new in the world of consumer appliances?

16 Sep 2014 | We show you what you can expect to see in your local appliance stores in the near - and not so near - future.

person clicks a heart shaped mouse

ACCC cracks down on online dating

Online dating sites have a role to play in protecting consumers against romance scams, says ACCC.

16 Sep 2014 | The ACCC is sweeping the internet for online dating sites that have misleading offers and unclear pricing, and for those that lack protections for consumers against scams.


How high can your internet bill go?

Do you want to foot the bill for a dud policy?

12 Sep 2014 | Anti-piracy laws will leave you out of pocket as the internet gets even more expensive.

a thermomix on a kitchen bench with other all-in-one machines behind it

Angry Thermomix owners in a spin

Cult kitchen appliance criticised for secret launch of new model.

11 Sep 2014 | Thermomix customers frustrated by the unexpected release of a new model machine.


Apple announces iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Tech giant reveals 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, along with new Apple Watch, and takes on credit cards with a cashless mobile payment system

10 Sep 2014 | Apple has finally revealed its new, larger, iPhone models along with an Apple Watch and a new cashless mobile payments system. The announcements, revealed overnight at a special event in Apple’s home town of Cupertino, end months of speculation.


Microsoft, eBay and Google against Australia’s anti-piracy proposals

Tech industry giants urge rethink on copyright reforms

8 Sep 2014 | The Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which represents many major companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Samsung and Motorola, releases their submission to the Attorney-General’s Department Online Copyright Infringement consultation.

dodgy man

ACCC takes alleged pyramid scheme Lyoness to court

Lyoness investigated by regulators throughout the world.

8 Sep 2014 | The ACCC has taken action against Lyoness, a company it alleges is operating as a pyramid scheme.

logos of major financial comparison sites

Inquiry exposes divided views over insurance comparison websites

Suncorp, IAG and others say the sites don't serve consumer interests.

5 Sep 2014 | The insurance industry continues to take a dim view of insurance comparison websites, but ASIC thinks they could serve a good purpose.

health star rating label

Star nutrition ratings can produce healthier food choices

Purchases of less nutritious foods declined after the introduction of a nutrition rating system in a large US supermarket chain.

2 Sep 2014 | Star nutrition ratings on food products result in shoppers buying a more nutritious mix of products, according to a new US study.

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