man holds his head in front of a smashed car

Name and shame register for shoddy car repairers

Just one out of 21 recommendations aimed at fixing the problems with dodgy car repairs has been flagged for implementation.

3 Oct 2014 | A significant number of vehicles being fixed through insurance-companies' car repairers are being returned to NSW roads after undergoing shoddy repair jobs.

choice journalist kate browne using a thermomix

Thermomix issues fix for faulty TM31s

TM31 fault may cause spills and burns without this fix.

2 Oct 2014 | Vorwerk will replace seals for all affected Thermomix TM31s soon, says Thermomix Australia.

cn coca cola 250ml can lead

Coca-Cola downsizes to increase profits?

Coke serves up smaller cans and price point in the hope of capturing more consumers.

30 Sep 2014 | Coca-Cola Australia has launched a new small sized 250ml can at a low price to drive sales.


Coles banned from advertising fresh bread for three years

Federal Court finds supermarket "fresh bread" claims are half-baked.

29 Sep 2014 | Court bans Coles from making dodgy credence claims.

house made of hundred dollar bills

Lenders tightening "low doc" loans

Low doc doesn't mean no doc, ASIC finds.

29 Sep 2014 | Low doc lenders are tightening their practices after the introduction of new responsible lending laws.


Bitcoin EFTPOS card trial

Cyber currency gets its own card.

25 Sep 2014 | An Aussie startup is trialling a new bitcoin EFTPOS debit card, as the ATO declares bitcoin and other cyber currencies assets rather than money.

bank notes next to an electricity bill

Energy contract price variation set to continue

AEMC rejects a ban on mid-contract increases, but recommends better disclosure.

23 Sep 2014 | Despite the best efforts of consumer advocates, unilateral price variation by energy retailers does not appear to be destined for the dustbin.

a bowl of breakfast cereal with fruit

Breakfast cereal health benefits

Eating breakfast cereal regularly can improve your diet and reduce your risk of being overweight or developing diabetes.

22 Sep 2014 | Regular breakfast cereal eaters have diets higher in vitamins and minerals and lower in fat, and are less likely to be overweight or obese compared to breakfast skippers and other breakfast eaters, says study.


Woolworths facing the ACCC in court over unsafe products

A deep fryer, drain cleaner and safety matches among home brand items deemed unsafe

19 Sep 2014 | The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking Woolworths to the Federal Court alleging that the supermarket chain made false or misleading claims about the safety of some of its home brand products.

health star rating front of pack food labelling

Food rating website launched

A new website from George Institute shows health star ratings for thousands of packaged food products sold in Australian supermarkets.

18 Sep 2014 | The George Institute has launched FoodSwitch STARS, a website showing the health star rating for 55,000 packaged supermarket food products, allowing people to check and compare which foods are healthier.

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