Woman holding a grape in her teeth

Fruit and veg targets stay at five a day

World Health Organization guidelines confirmed by new British study.

31 Jul 2014 | New research suggests that five a day is the appropriate target for the number of fruit and veg serves we eat, echoing the WHO recommendation that dates back to 2003.

typing on a computer keyboard

Anti-piracy discussion paper released

Paper pays lip-service to questions of access to content and fair pricing, but where's the policy?

30 Jul 2014 | A discussion paper on a number of anti-internet-piracy policies has been leaked to the media, but questions of access and price remain unanswered.


Australians still being ripped off on digital goods

Study finds 79 per cent of people unhappy with inflated costs

30 Jul 2014 | One year after the IT Pricing Inquiry dismissed the excuses of major companies, Australians are still paying up to 50 per cent more than overseas markets for technology, music, movies and TV shows.

Pair of hands cupping the image of a house

Home insurance premiums come down as levees go up

Suncorp calls for more flood mitigation efforts by towns and councils.

30 Jul 2014 | The construction of a new levee to protect the Queensland town of Roma against floods has led Suncorp to announce a reduction in home insurance premiums by an average of 45%.

woolworths banking woolworths logo

Is a Woolworths bank also on the way?

Supermarket giant Woolies follows hot on Coles’ heels in banking push.

30 Jul 2014 | Woolworths has applied for trademarks that indicate the supermarket could be making a further push into financial services.

Dollar sign road on a cliff

Australia’s road spending ‘hideously inefficient’

A government-commissioned report says road agencies are gambling away taxpayer dollars.

30 Jul 2014 | A report commissioned by Infrastructure Australia lambasts monopoly road agencies for hideously inefficient road spending.

Pills falling out of $100 bill

Medicines Australia Code of Conduct not good enough

The drug companies' peak body has failed to meet consumer expectations of transparency, according to leading consumer health advocates.

29 Jul 2014 | The 18th edition of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct falls short on transparency of transactions between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, says consumer advocate, Dr Ken Harvey.

Hand holding an image of a home

Fixed-term interest rates fall, but beware

A fixed-term rate might be appealing right now, but borrowers are being urged to look beyond short term.

28 Jul 2014 | While fixed interest home loams are at record lows, financial counsellors are urging potential borrowers to consider potential longer-term costs.

painkillers used for back pain

Paracetamol no better than placebo for back pain

Taking the painkiller paracetamol doesn't speed up recovery from lower back pain compared with placebo, finds study.

24 Jul 2014 | Paracetamol is no better than placebo at speeding recovery from acute episodes of lower back pain, according to a large Australian study.

Piggy bank with an electrical cord

Carbon tax repeal savings must be passed on: ACCC

Energy retailers could face $1.1m fines for each contravention.

23 Jul 2014 | The ACCC says it will come down hard on electricity and gas retailers who fail to pass on savings resulting from the repeal of the carbon tax.

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