Saving energy

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of power saving devices and how to reduce your energy consumtpion.


Power meter reviews

You don't need to spend top dollar on an energy meter, most of the cheaper models will do the job.

8 Jun 2011 | Looking to save on your energy bills? A power meter helps monitor electricity consumption and identify ways to reduce energy usage.

Image of the earth

Five ways to reduce your household's energy use

Help the environment by choosing more energy efficient products and changing your behaviour.

6 Jun 2011 | This guide covers enegry efficent appliances, transport options, water usage and more.

Saving on electricity prices

Electricity prices

Electricity bills are rising but can switching electricity suppliers save you money?

3 Jun 2011 | We make sense of the confusing contracts and tariffs of electricity providers and outline a switching action plan.

Household waste

Managing your household waste

A staggering 24 million tonnes of waste material goes into Australian landfill each year. You can help reduce that figure.

14 Apr 2011 | Reducing household waste can be as easy as altering household disposal systems. CHOICE shows you some ways to make your home greener.

Reduce energy

Energy efficient home guide

We look at energy savings everyone can make.

30 Mar 2011 | We've used our CHOICE testing to bring you a comprehensive list of energy-efficient products for your home.


Ecoswitch quick review

Cheap and simple, this energy-efficient power switch controls many appliances at once.

31 Jan 2011 | This simple switch can save power around the home by turning off several electrical appliances at once.

Jackgreen unplugged

Jackgreen unplugged

Jackgreen has gone bust. If you were signed up with this energy retailer, here are your options.

11 Jan 2010 | Renewable energy provider Jackgreen has gone into voluntary receivership and is suspended from trading on the National Electricity Market.


Not so smart meters

Mandatory installation of smart meters has begun in Victoria. However their benefit to consumers in reducing electricity bills is still in question.

7 Jan 2010 |


Grey water for the garden

Water from washing machines could end up harming your precious plants.

21 Oct 2009 | Using grey water on your garden could save hundreds of litres of water per day. We tested wash and rinse water for potentially harmful chemicals.

Water drop

Guide to rebates for going green

Use our guide to ensure that going green doesn’t cost the earth.

24 Apr 2009 | With climate change in mind, more Australians are installing power- and water-saving equipment. As this can mean significant upfront costs, governments are offering a range of rebates.

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