Saving energy

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of power saving devices and how to reduce your energy consumtpion.

Your utility rights

Your utility rights

As utility bills continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to know your rights about disconnection.

7 Feb 2014 | If you've ever had trouble coming up with the funds to pay your utility bills, there are some important rights you should know about.

CFL light bulb

CFL and LED lamps review

We've tested 11 LED light bulbs (lamps) and three compact fluorescents, including models from Philips, Sylvania, Verbatim and Crompton.

28 Nov 2013 | Find out which of the 14 LED and CFL models scored highest for light output and endurance.


Shopping around for a new energy deal

Find out how you can get a better deal and keep more money in your pocket rather than it going to your energy retailer's bottom line

20 May 2013 | Are you paying too much for your energy? If you haven't reviewed your energy plan recently, chances are you're paying too much.


Energy retailers' marketing tactics

Energy retailers are resorting to hard-sell tactics to increase market share.

23 Apr 2013 | Energy retailers are trotting out special deals to try to lock in your business.


Carbon offsets

Who should you trust when it comes to buying carbon offsets?

25 Jul 2012 | Can consumers trust that validated carbon offsets are genuine, or is it still the Wild West out there?


Go4Green EnergySmart first look

This device fails to deliver on its claims of slashing up to 10% from your electricity bill.

22 Sep 2011 | We run tests on another power saver that claims it will save you up to 10% on your electricity bill.

Standby energy

Standby energy

Whether its climate change or expense, standby energy affects you.

1 Sep 2011 | Standby energy costs eat into your bank account in small bites and the total cost across the country can amount to tonnes of CO² and other greenhouse gases being emitted.

Building energy ratings assessment

Building energy ratings

All homes will be given star ratings in 2012, but is building energy efficiency being measured accurately?

27 Jul 2011 | Without adequate controls in place, energy efficiency ratings may prove to be nothing more than words on paper.

Food waste lead image

Food waste

Aussie households bin close to three million tonnes of food each year.

28 Jun 2011 | CHOICE explains how you can do your bit to reduce household food waste, save money and help the environment in the process.

Philips LEdbulb

Philips LEDbulb first look

Is this the next big thing in energy-efficient home lighting?

17 Jun 2011 | The Philips LEDbulb is one of the first LED lamps designed for standard household light fittings.

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