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Consumer wins 2014

It's been a big year here at CHOICE, and it's time to celebrate some of our consumer wins!

18 Dec 2014 | We've had a bunch of successes this year, not least of which was saving FoFA. And it's time to celebrate.

telstra logo with coins

Telstra in ACCC firing line - again

Telco contravenes consumer law for the second time this year.

16 Dec 2014 | Telstra caps off the year with a $102,000 fine from the ACCC for shonky iPhone 6 advertising.


Travellers switch off to avoid bill shock

One in two Aussie travellers choose to switch their phones off rather than risk a big bill.

16 Dec 2014 | Recent research shows that one in two Aussie travellers will either switch off or leave their phones at home when travelling overseas because of fears of high global roaming fees.


Smart Santa a security nightmare

Hackable home on the way as the ‘Internet of Things’ smart devices open up security gaps and bring bigger risks to the connected household.

15 Dec 2014 | Santa could be leaving a security nightmare under your tree this year, with so-called smart devices increasingly becoming the target of cybercriminals.

cn mobile muster old phones lead

Festive season phone recycling push

Consumers urged to hand over, not hoard, old mobile phones

12 Dec 2014 | Consumers urged to recycle their phones this festive season with Salvos and MobileMuster’s Old Phones For Good campaign, which gives money for all phones and accessories recycled in December and January to the Salvos' Christmas Appeal.


Social shopping network to beat 'Oz tax'

Local crowdsourced startup Cuzin aims to help consumers get around geoblocks.

11 Dec 2014 | A community of buyers and sellers will alert other users to savings and sales from all around the world.

Movie Release Dates 2

Government's anti-piracy plan to hit all internet users where it hurts

Do you want to foot the bill for a dud policy? Anti-piracy laws could leave you out of pocket as your internet bill goes up.

10 Dec 2014 | If the government introduces its planned “anti-piracy” policies to protect big business, you’ll end up paying the cost via higher internet charges. If you disagree with this and want affordable internet, sign our petition.


The good, the bad and the Financial System Inquiry

What's in the Financial System Inquiry for consumers?

10 Dec 2014 | The inquiry's final report recommends some strong consumer protections, but it falls short in a few key areas.

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CHOICE survey shows most pirates are willing to pay

High prices and lack of access continue to drive illegal downloads.

9 Dec 2014 | Most Australians don't download, stream or watch pirated TV shows or movies, but about a third of us have illegally downloaded or streamed content online.

jar of honey

Honey not on the money

Importer fined for selling fake Australian honey.

5 Dec 2014 | 'Hi Honey' importer pays penalty to ACCC for passing off Turkish sugar syrup as Australian honey.

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