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CHOICE Computer wins top honours again

CHOICE Computer wins Best Magazine at the 9th Annual IT Journalism Awards.

13 Apr 2011 | CHOICE Computer wins Best Magazine at the 9th Annual IT Journalism Awards.

Aldi's promises clarified

Aldi responds to CHOICE's call for a clarification of their uniform pricing policy.

13 Apr 2011 | Aldi has amended communication about their uniform price policy to specify the exclusion of weekly specials.

Cholesterol-lowering cheese

Believe it or not, Kraft introduces cheese products that can actually help lower cholesterol levels.

5 Apr 2011 | One of the main things people with high cholesterol cut down on is cheese. These new Kraft products could be a welcome addition to some fridges.


Flood insurance reforms

Government asks for input on flood definition in insurance policies.

5 Apr 2011 | Queenslanders who thought they were covered for floods are starting to find out they aren't.

Groupon's missing macarons

Online group buying giant Groupon has entered the Australian daily deal market in a puff of smoke and mirrors.

4 Apr 2011 | Daily deal website company Groupon, known as in Australia, has entered the market with controversial offers that do not exist.

Freedom eco-wood not eco or wood

Freedom Furniture has been selling eco-wood, a product made of plastic, for several years.

4 Apr 2011 | Freedom Furniture's eco-wood products have been renamed following action by CHOICE.

Telstra rip-off

Telstra has changed its pricing structure, billing in one minute increments instead of 30 second blocks.

4 Apr 2011 | Telstra now bills customers in one minute increments. But many of these customers signed up to contracts before the new billing structure.

Aldi's broken promises

Aldi was Australia’s first supermarket to introduce uniform national pricing, but the supermarket hasn’t been playing fair.

4 Apr 2011 | While Aldi promises that prices at all their stores are the same, special buys are excluded from their price promise policy.

Milk price war extends to beer

Foster's withholds supply of beer to Coles and Woolworths liquor retailers.

24 Mar 2011 | The Senate inquiry into milk prices will unofficially extend to beer when Coles and Woolworths are questioned next week.

Retailer to close 12 more stores

Borders and Angus & Roberston customers must also use gift cards before 3 April.

24 Mar 2011 | Borders and Angus & Roberston will stop accepting gift cards from the beginning of April.

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