Excessive credit card surcharge update

CHOICE research reinforces the need for more to be done to lower excessive credit card surcharges.

31 Jan 2014 | The latest CHOICE research reveals that excessive credit card surcharging continues despite recent RBA changes designed to limit the practice.


Wet'n'Wild refunds

NSW Fair Trading insists on consumer payback after New Year's Eve event cancelled at the last minute

2 Jan 2014 | Urged by Fair Trading to offer refunds, the promoters at Sydney's Wet'n'Wild have finally agreed after a New Year's Eve event was cancelled at short notice.


Top travel tips

It’s high season for travel, so make sure you get your dream holiday with our tips.

31 Dec 2013 | It’s high season for travel, and a good time to refresh your travel knowledge. CHOICE offers a few choice tips.


Top sales shopping tips

Everything you need to know to make sure you get a great deal

30 Dec 2013 | Christmas may be behind us, but the sales shopping season is still well under way – and there are all kinds of ways to end up getting a bad deal. CHOICE offers tips for those navigating the January sales.


Refunds and returns - your rights

If you need to return a purchase or get a refund, know your rights.

27 Dec 2013 | If you want to return something or if your purchase doesn't do what it's supposed to or is broken, what are your rights? Here's what you need to know about Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Ignorance of the law - especially for retailers - is no excuse.


ACCC to investigate airline “drip pricing”

CHOICE welcomes ACCC investigation into “drip pricing” by the airline industry

20 Nov 2013 | CHOICE has welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s announcement today that it will be examining the use of “drip pricing” across a range of travel industries including airlines and hotels.

Take off with CHOICE

Proposal for a new consumer travel advocate

CHOICE has submitted a proposal to fund consumer advocacy in the travel market

14 Nov 2013 | CHOICE is seeking funding to create a Consumer Travel Hub to significantly improve the experience of Australian consumers in the travel market.


2013's People's Choice Shonkiest Shonky award

The people have spoken... and declared ecoeggs the worst of the worst.

6 Nov 2013 | "Free-range" ecoeggs the worst of the worst for 2013. Talk about egg on their faces.


EA apologises for shonky tech support charges

EA has apologised for, and promised to rectify, the tech-support mess than won them a CHOICE Shonky Award.

1 Nov 2013 | EA has apologised for, and promised to rectify, the tech-support mess than won them a CHOICE Shonky Award.


DFAT uninvites journalist from TPP briefing

CHOICE is disappointed by the continuing lack of transparency surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and calls on consumers to sign our TPP petition

30 Oct 2013 | Australian government representatives are negotiating a trade deal that has serious implications for Australia's future, but the secrecy surrounding the negotiations is worrying CHOICE.

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