Credit card interest survey

Our survey results show the banks are pretty good at obscuring high credit card interest rates.

1 Jul 2013 | A recent CHOICE survey revealed 48% of Australians don't know their credit card interest rate. We think its time the federal government enabled consumers to make unbiased comparisons of credit products based on their actual spending and repayments over time.


ACCC warns power companies over ads

Misleading representations about discounts on energy plans must stop, says ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard

27 Jun 2013 | CHOICE supports the ACCC's warning to energy retailers over discount promotions and calls for less confusion and more clarity about electricity prices.


Microsoft's Xbox 180

Technology giant backflips following consumer backlash

20 Jun 2013 | Microsoft removes DRM restrictions from its new Xbox One console following online revolt by gamers.


Wheat bag safety

Can these useful heat packs become fire hazards? We put them to the test.

18 Jun 2013 | Wheat bags have caused a number of recent house fires. We test the safety of these winter warmers.


National Fraud Week

Get smart this National Consumer Fraud Week

17 Jun 2013 | CHOICE is pleased to be a partner in this year's National Consumer Fraud Week. Check out our five top tips for avoiding online scams.


New star ratings for food products

Ministers agree to star ratings for food nutrition labelling

14 Jun 2013 | A new system of star ratings will help consumers make healthier decisions in the supermarket aisle.

Privacy breaches

Privacy laws to ramp up

Reporting of breaches to private data to become mandatory.

29 May 2013 | The Attorney-General has announced new legislation that will make it mandatory for organisations to let people know when their private data has been compromised.

Country of origin

Country-of-origin labelling win

CHOICE backs ground-breaking country-of-origin labelling bill.

16 May 2013 | CHOICE has welcomed a new bill introduced by Greens leader Christine Milne which could end the confusion around country-of-origin food labelling claims.

Saving on credit cards

Tips to reduce credit card debt

CHOICE shows you how to save money on your credit card bill.

15 May 2013 | Follow our six tips for reducing your credit card debt and see how much you can save.


ASIC shelves financial adviser test

Regulator puts the brakes on its long-planned adviser exam.

8 May 2013 | Some financial advisers have no formal training and are essentially salespeople. Despite the need for it, a national testing regime will have to wait.

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