High-tech ATM skimming alert

NSW police have issued a warning to ATM users following the discovery of more sophisticated ATM skimming cameras used by gangs in Sydney.

29 Apr 2014 | Gangs are using more sophisticated cameras in ATM skimming, making ATM users more vulnerable to card fraud.

Pile of credit cards

Credit card reward schemes fall short

Credit card reward programs can cost customers more in fees than they give in rewards.

29 Apr 2014 | Unless you're a big credit card spender, reward schemes are rarely worthwhile.

Fingers tapping computer keys

Centrelink computer outage leaves consumers in the lurch

A Centrelink computer failure has left consumers seeking child support and other services empty-handed.

28 Apr 2014 | A Centrelink computer failure has left consumers seeking child support and other services empty-handed amid concerns outdated government systems are vulnerable to attack.

Apple to fix iPhone 5 power button problem

Free fix for faulty iPhone 5

Apple is offering a no-charge repair for iPhone 5 power button problem.

28 Apr 2014 | Apple has admitted that a batch of iPhone 5 models has a faulty power button and will fix the affected phones for free.

NSW gas prices to increase 17% from July 1

Gas prices in NSW to increase

Many consumers will be paying up to $225 more each year on their gas bills.

24 Apr 2014 | Typical consumers in NSW will be paying up to $225 more each year on their gas bills.

Preschool funding cuts are on the cards

Parents say no to preschool funding cuts

Budget cuts to preschool funding are looming – and parents are fighting back.

24 Apr 2014 | Parents are petitioning the federal government to renew a $660 million program that funds 15 hours of preschool and kindy.

Benefits of eating less salt have been proven.

Reduced salt intake leads to huge drop in heart disease deaths

Fresh evidence from Britain points to the health benefits of eating less salt.

23 Apr 2014 | A 15% reduction of salt intake has been credited with the 40% reduction of deaths by heart disease and stroke in the UK.

More movie streaming services are on the way

Movie streaming services set to launch

Dendy Direct and Hoyts Stream expected to be live later this year.

23 Apr 2014 | Dendy Direct and Hoyts Stream add to the online streaming services available to Australian viewers and show viewers want affordable, flexible content when it comes to their online entertainment.

Patient and partner visiting a GP.

Bulk billing co-payment on the cards

Patients to pay $6 per visit to help control Medicare costs.

22 Apr 2014 | Bulk-billing charge of $6 per visit expected to be announced in May's Budget.


How to make a claim for cyclone damage

Homeowners affected by Cyclone Ita have started to claim on home and contents insurance.

17 Apr 2014 | North Queensland is facing a massive recovery after Cyclone Ita. Follow our tips to lodge your home and contents insurance claim.

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