Pills falling out of $100 bill

Medicines Australia Code of Conduct not good enough

The drug companies' peak body has failed to meet consumer expectations of transparency, according to leading consumer health advocates.

29 Jul 2014 | The 18th edition of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct falls short on transparency of transactions between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, says consumer advocate, Dr Ken Harvey.

Hand holding an image of a home

Fixed-term interest rates fall, but beware

A fixed-term rate might be appealing right now, but borrowers are being urged to look beyond short term.

28 Jul 2014 | While fixed interest home loams are at record lows, financial counsellors are urging potential borrowers to consider potential longer-term costs.

painkillers used for back pain

Paracetamol no better than placebo for back pain

Taking the painkiller paracetamol doesn't speed up recovery from lower back pain compared with placebo, finds study.

24 Jul 2014 | Paracetamol is no better than placebo at speeding recovery from acute episodes of lower back pain, according to a large Australian study.

Piggy bank with an electrical cord

Carbon tax repeal savings must be passed on: ACCC

Energy retailers could face $1.1m fines for each contravention.

23 Jul 2014 | The ACCC says it will come down hard on electricity and gas retailers who fail to pass on savings resulting from the repeal of the carbon tax.


Industry super funds trump retail in best-of list

SuperRatings has named the best super funds for 2013-14 in a list dominated by Industry super funds.

23 Jul 2014 | Corporate superannuation fund Telstra Super tops SuperRating’s list of the best-performing balanced investment options for 2013-14.

patient undergoing medical imaging

Diagnostic imaging tests ordered by GPs increase forty-five per cent

Higher cost CT and MRI scans are increasingly replacing the humble X-ray, study finds.

23 Jul 2014 | Sydney University research reveals that medical imaging diagnostic tests, including CT and MRI scans, ordered by GPs increased 45% over 10 years.


Passwords under attack

Spate of website hacks expose passwords.

23 Jul 2014 | A spate of high-profile attacks on sites such as CNET and Catch of the Day highlight the vulnerability of passwords. Password managers such as LastPass or 1Password will store your passwords, although some vulnerabilities have been found, they're still the best bet to safely store log-ins.


Catch of the Day owns up to 2011 hacking

Online retailer admits customer information stolen, three years after attack.

23 Jul 2014 | Australian-run daily deal website recently reveals data breach from early 2011, which may have compromised user details, passwords and credit cards.

Samsung child labour allegations image of person putting together electronics

Child labour allegations hit Samsung's Chinese factory

China Labor Watch report says children under 16 are making Samsung phone parts.

18 Jul 2014 | Samsung has suspended business with a factory in China amid allegations it’s using children to make mobile phone components.


'Greener' Apple's buy-back program

Tech giant offers up to $250 trade-in for old iPhones and iPads in all Apple retail stores across Australia.

18 Jul 2014 | Apple has launched its “Reuse and Recycle” trade in program in Australia, giving customers the opportunity to grab up to $250 of store credit for their old iPhones and iPads.

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