many people using laptops

Australian internet use skyrockets

Internet use around Australia has risen sharply, ACMA research finds.

15 Aug 2014 | Australians’ internet use has jumped significantly nationwide, with online access via mobile phones the biggest growth area.

blender with soup inside it

OmniBlend kitchen blenders faces legal action for alleged price fixing

ACCC accuses OmniBlend of price fixing.

14 Aug 2014 | Kitchen blender company OmniBlend is being taken to court by the ACCC for attempting to engage in price fixing with a competitor.

keyboard with a 'buy now' button

Groupon to remove currency conversion fees

A hidden fee charged for purchases in Australian dollars on voucher site Groupon is set to be removed.

14 Aug 2014 | Australians using the voucher site Groupon will soon not have to worry about asking for a refund on the currency conversion fees charged when making purchases on the site.

heart attack risk factors

Heart attack warning signs alert

Knowing your risk factors can reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

14 Aug 2014 | Heart Research Australia stresses the need to be aware of the warning signs of a heart attack, and encourages people to know their risk factors to reduce the chance of developing heart disease.


Domestic airline reliability figures reflect fares

Figures for domestic airline reliability suggest it's pretty much a case of 'you get what you pay for'.

13 Aug 2014 | Government statistics for on-time departures and arrivals in 2013-14 financial year find Qantas and Virgin Australia trump low cost carriers, while Regional Express is best for regional travel.

image of a wind-up financial adviser

CBA financial planning businesses must meet new ASIC conditions

Former customers whose cases have been reviewed must be recontacted

13 Aug 2014 | The corporate regulator has imposed new conditions on CBA that include contacting more potential victims of rouge planners and paying for legal advice.

Woman looks alarmingly at bank statement.

Class action over credit card late payment fees launched

Millions of dollars in fees paid for overdue credit card statements could be returned to customers if a new class action is successful.

12 Aug 2014 | Maurice Blackburn Lawyers has launched a new class action against various banks for charging credit card late payment fees.


Compare the Market fined for false advertising

Compare the Market fined for false claims that it, well, compares the market

12 Aug 2014 | Insurance comparison website Compare the Market has been fined by the ACCC for falsely advertising it compares more private health insurance funds than its competitors.

glass of milk with scone and cream

A2 milk less likely to cause gastro problems: new study

A1 rougher on the gut according to double-blind test at Curtin University

11 Aug 2014 | New Australian research suggests that consuming A1 milk can adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract compared with A2 milk.


New car insurance comparison fails to compare the whole market

Getting the best car insurance deal on isn't as easy as it makes out.

11 Aug 2014 | There's a new player in the car insurance comparison website market which claims it aims to save you money, but fails to give quotes for most insurance providers.

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