child's hand reaching for fries

McDonald’s spruiks free fries vouchers at children’s playground

Free fries vouchers breach the fast food industry’s initiative for responsible advertising and marketing to children, says Advertising Standards Bureau.

5 Aug 2014 | McDonald’s broke the rules by handing out free fries vouchers to kids at a children's playground, the Advertising Standards Bureau has found.

Travel destinations on airport board

CHOICE to establish consumer voice in travel industry

New travel hub project to provide information and advocacy for Australian travellers.

5 Aug 2014 | CHOICE is kicking off a major project for travel consumers, following industry deregulation.

Finger tapping on smartphone screen displaying Facebook logo

Facebook forces extra app for mobile chat on users

Separate messaging app sparks angry response, affecting more than one billion Facebook users.

4 Aug 2014 | Facebook is replacing live chat in its core mobile app, with a dedicated messaging service. Users who want to instant message via Facebook will need to install the extra app.

Street view of a rental property

Rental complaints make NSW Fair Trading top 10 list

Defective goods, hassles with refunds and bad customer service perennial themes.

4 Aug 2014 | Complaints to NSW Fair Trading about tenancy issues have hit the top 10 list for the first time, taking sixth place just after home building.

Opal cards privacy envelope stamped confidential

Opal card users get anonymous option - with a catch

Privacy concerns about Sydney's Opal card are finally being addressed, but issues remain.

1 Aug 2014 | Transport for NSW has announced Sydneysiders will finally be able to purchase anonymous Opal public transport cards, but only for a limited time and at selected locations.

Finger keying PIN into EFTPOS machine

Goodbye signature, hello PIN

PINs replace signatures today as your only means of securing credit card payments at point of sale.

1 Aug 2014 | Australian consumers will no longer be able to sign for credit card payments from 1 August and must only use a PIN.

Cartoon of Aussie kid in dentist's chair

Kids' dental health a concern, warn experts

Sugary food and drinks proving a disaster for Aussie children's teeth.

1 Aug 2014 | Parents aren't ensuring their children avoid cavities and tooth decay, the Australian Dental Association has found.

handbag that may or may not be counterfeit

Counterfeit brand name sportswear seized in latest raid

Haul of fake goods includes Nike footwear and other high-end labels.

31 Jul 2014 | NSW Fair Trading raided a Western Sydney retail outlet yesterday and seized about 1000 items of fake designer clothing and accessories, including a trove of counterfeit Nike footwear.

model home and lock

Fixed home loan competition heats up

ME Bank is now undercutting the five-year fixed home loan rates of CBA, Westpac and NAB.

31 Jul 2014 | Fixed home loan rates are falling further and smaller lenders are in some cases offering the best rates.

Woman holding a grape in her teeth

Fruit and veg targets stay at five a day

World Health Organization guidelines confirmed by new British study.

31 Jul 2014 | New research suggests that five a day is the appropriate target for the number of fruit and veg serves we eat, echoing the WHO recommendation that dates back to 2003.

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