woman looking at food labels in supermarket

Misleading food labels

Which food products don't quite live up to their on-pack names, descriptions, images and claims?

7 Nov 2014 | By law, foods must be labelled with an accurate name or description. But don't always assume that what you see on the label is what you'll find inside the pack.


The internet police are coming!

The TPP could change the way we use the internet, and not for the better.

7 Nov 2014 | Can you break something that's already broken? The TPP looks set to do exactly that to Australian copyright law. New criminal penalties for minor rule-breaking, extended copyright terms and forcing service providers to police our internet use are all on the table.


Coles fresh apple claims caught out by Ad Standards Board

"Spring" apples were actually picked in April

6 Nov 2014 | Coles' "fresh" "Spring" apples are not so fresh, according to Ad Standards Board.

cn CC goes to PAX AU lead

Games industry and audience calls for new blood during PAX

Professionals and community at annual Australian Penny Arcade Expo showcase changing attitudes

6 Nov 2014 | We went to PAX Aus 2014 in Melbourne and found the local and international games industry abuzz with calls for greater representations of female, LGBT and religious interests in video games.

Electrical cables (1)

ACCC recalls Infinity electrical cabling

Cabling a fire and electrocution risk for 40,000 homes and premises.

5 Nov 2014 | Testing has found Infinity electrical cabling could result in electric shock or fires due to poor insulation around the wires.

CN Thermomix

How does the new Thermomix stack up?

We put the latest model through its paces.

4 Nov 2014 | How does the new Thermomix model stack up against the old? CHOICE takes the TM5 for a spin.


WA car insurance increases

WA launches a public consultation on new compulsory third party insurance system to provide better cover, but for higher prices

3 Nov 2014 | WA launches a public consultation on new compulsory third party insurance system to provide better cover for people with serious injuries but for higher prices

cn mobile data charges jump

Big jump in complaints about mobile excess data usage charges

Shrinking data limits and more mobile services to blame.

31 Oct 2014 | Complaints about excess data usage charges have jumped by a quarter and replaced mobile coverage as the top problem for telco customers, according to the industry ombudsman's annual report on consumer complaints.


Government introduces metadata retention bill

Data capture could also target piracy.

30 Oct 2014 | The federal government has introduced its controversial data retention bill into parliament that would compel internet service providers to retain a set of user metadata for two years.

Golden gift card held in hand

Gift cards can be a waste of money

NSW Fair Trading Minister Matthew Mason-Cox warns consumers to redeem gift cards as soon as possible after receiving them.

30 Oct 2014 | Gift cards that expired before they could be redeemed was the number one complaint from consumers to NSW Fair Trading.

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