Government introduces metadata retention bill

Data capture could also target piracy.

30 Oct 2014 | The federal government has introduced its controversial data retention bill into parliament that would compel internet service providers to retain a set of user metadata for two years.

Golden gift card held in hand

Gift cards can be a waste of money

NSW Fair Trading Minister Matthew Mason-Cox warns consumers to redeem gift cards as soon as possible after receiving them.

30 Oct 2014 | Gift cards that expired before they could be redeemed was the number one complaint from consumers to NSW Fair Trading.

cn OneDrive free with office 365

Microsoft pushes cloud storage sky high

Tech giant bundles unlimited cloud storage and office suite into single subscription package.

29 Oct 2014 | Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage and Office 365 bundle costs less than competitors' standalone cloud storage services.

men shaking hands

Financial adviser review sites invite customer feedback and ratings

Qualifications can be checked, but not conflicts of interest.

28 Oct 2014 | As the government eases the burden on the advice industry by reshaping the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms, the announcement of three new financial adviser review websites this month is timely.


Government announces new register of financial advisers

A welcome move, but it still won’t give consumers the protection they need.

24 Oct 2014 | A register alone isn’t going to clean up the advice industry. What we need is strong consumer protections in legislation.

TPP What are we trading away

What are they trading away?

Big business stands to benefit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, but at what cost to Australia?

24 Oct 2014 | Should big business be able to appeal Australian government decisions at an international kangaroo court? CHOICE doesn’t think so. We’re asking the government to release the text of the TPP, and protect the democratic process.

colourful singlets on rack in store

New site to make buying ethical clothing easier

Good On You is a new shopping site that's taking the guesswork out of buying ethical clothes.

24 Oct 2014 | Want to buy ethical clothes? It just got easier with a new site called Good On You.

people walk past concert signs

Ticketek and Ticketmaster improve price disclosure around fees

Better disclosure of unavoidable fees when purchasing tickets online has finally arrived.

23 Oct 2014 | In a long-overdue win for consumers Ticketek and Ticketmaster have finally improved their pricing disclosure of unavoidable fees.


CHOICE travel insurance buying guide

How are you meant to decode all the info on just one insurance policy, let alone work out which of the dozens available is the best one for you?

23 Oct 2014 | Not all travel insurance policies are created equal, but CHOICE can help you find the right policy.

electricity pole and wires

CHOICE Consumer Pulse report reveals slight easing in cost of living pressures

More in the comfort zone, but bills still on the rise for most.

23 Oct 2014 | Nearly nine out of ten Australian householders say their bills have gone up over the past 12 months, but CHOICE's latest national Consumer Pulse Report nonetheless indicates a general easing of cost-of-living concerns.

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