Baby monitor camera

Baby monitor webcam hacked

The hacking of a webcam being used as a video baby monitor has raised security concerns about the devices.

1 May 2014 | A couple in the US has been woken up by the sound of a man who hacked an internet-connected webcam being used to monitor their sleeping baby. CHOICE looks at how to keep your connections secure.


ATO flags changes to tax returns

Could this be the end of the road for tax returns?

1 May 2014 | Some taxpayers stand to save time and money if reports that the ATO will complete certain returns on our behalf are confirmed.

People sharing a car

Uber ride-sharing service under investigation

The low-cost Uber 'ride share' service comes under criticism and closer scrutiny.

1 May 2014 | While consumers may be cheering for a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi, Uber's new ride sharing service could be short lived.

Nurse washing hands

Doctors' hand hygiene falling below standard

A new study has found doctors are failing to comply with hand-washing protocols.

1 May 2014 | While nurses are passing with flying colours, many doctors are failing to follow hand-washing protocols in public hospitals.

Father and son

ASIC prosecutes Virgin Money for misleading life insurance advertising

Virgin Money pays more than $30,000 in penalties for misleading advertising of their Quick & Easy direct life insurance.

1 May 2014 | Virgin Money has been fined by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for misleading advertising of their Quick & Easy direct life insurance.

Computer screen with

Email spam reaches 20th anniversary

After two decades, rubbish messages and email-based security threats still make up 64 per cent of all emails worldwide.

1 May 2014 | 20 years ago two US lawyers sent the first commercial spam email. Today spam makes up 64 per cent of all emails worldwide.


Atari burial ground unearthed in New Mexico

Documentary team excavates games graveyard and finds E.T. - one of the worst games of all time.

30 Apr 2014 | Legend has it that Atari buried millions of unsellable cartridges in 1983. After more than 30 years of speculation, the legend turned out to be true.


Carlton fined for misleading beer label

The ACCC fines major brewer for misleading consumers about Byron Bay Pale Lager.

30 Apr 2014 | Brewer caught out misleading consumers with location map.


Aspirin at $1.10 per tablet

Drug companies are exploiting a loophole to charge higher prices for combination medicines.

30 Apr 2014 | Pharmaceutical companies are exploiting a drug pricing loophole allowing them to charge a higher price for combination medicines than the cost of components, costing the government and consumers millions.


Hulu blocks Australian viewers

Geoblocking services in doubt as popular US-based internet video streaming service prevents access.

30 Apr 2014 | Australian viewers relying on geoblocking services to watch their favourite shows on US sites could miss out now that Hulu is blocking VPN users.

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