New poll shows alcohol confusion among Australian drinkers

Two thirds of Australian drinkers underestimate what a standard drink is
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01.Poll results show standard drink confusion and support for increased alcohol regulation


Two-thirds of Australian drinkers underestimate the number of standard drinks in a bottle of wine, according to the results of a new poll

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education's Annual Alcohol Poll found 66% of people underestimated how many standard drinks were in the average bottle of red wine. Twenty nine per cent believed there were 4 standard drinks or less, when, in fact, the average is 7.7. 

The poll also found that around three-quarters of Australians thought there was a problem with excessive drinking and close to 80% expected it to get worse in the coming years. Perhaps unsurprisingly given these findings, the majority of Australians (61%) supported health information on alcohol product labels and a ban on alcohol advertising before 8.30pm (64%).

CHOICE supports the use of health warning statements on alcohol products given the known dangers of alcohol consumption. It is also clear that more needs to be done to raise awareness of what constitutes a standard drink. 

CHOICE wants to know what you think – should our governments do more to increase awareness about alcohol consumption and the dangers associated with it? 

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