Facebook draining your iPhone battery?

Overzealous Facebook app the main culprit in killing battery life, says former 'Apple Genius'.
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01.How to get more iPhone battery life

Want to get the best battery life out of your iPhone? Take a close look at the Facebook app. A former “Apple Genius” has pointed the finger at the social networking giant’s overzealous app for sucking the life out of your iPhone.

Facebook fans shouldn’t panic though, you don’t have to uninstall Facebook but simply go to Settings on the phone and disable Location Services and Background App Refresh features for the Facebook app.

In his blog, Scotty Loveless revealed how frustration with the elusive causes of unnecessary battery drain pushed him to look into the causes to come up with the ultimate guide to solving iOS battery drain. Loveless says he worked on an Apple Genius Bar for almost two years and found many people reported poor battery life from their i-devices.

He recommends disabling Background App Refresh for Facebook and any other you don't absolutely need to stay active all the time. Background app refresh keeps apps up to date by regularly checking the internet for new information, regardless of whether you’re actively using the app.

Another iOS developer also fingered the Facebook app for battery drain on his own blog. Sebastian Düvel found background polling by the app, especially by its Messenger function, to be major drain on battery life, but that turning off Background App Refresh cured the problem.

Battery still not going the distance?

Loveless provides some battery troubleshooting  and energy saving tips, including:
  • Don’t quit running apps that are running as iOS will pause them automatically (unless they have background use enabled)   
  • Turn off push email (especially for Exchange, which can sometimes get into an endless loop cycle)
  • Turn off push notifications that you don’t need (as well as being annoying, they use battery every time they wake the screen)
  • Turn off the option to view the battery charge meter as a percentage (as it may temp you to check your phone more often, using more juice)
  • Turn on Airplane mode in poor signal areas, as your iPhone will give more power to the antenna. You can also temporarily turn off cellular data.

He ads that if battery life is still a concern, you should also buy a car charger, a second charger for travel/work, or a battery-booster case.

Bigger iPhone?

Meanwhile, leaked Apple documents reveal that the company has known for a year that it needs a bigger iPhone. The documents, reportedly from an internal Apple meeting in April 2013, came to light in the latest Samsung Vs Apple trial, which started a week ago. They show a decline in iPhone sales growth, with strongest competition coming from bigger and cheaper phones.

Apple next version of it’s flagship product, iPhone 6, is expected to come with a larger screen and possibly in two versions — 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

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