Intelligent design for your mortgage data

A creative proposal to make mortgage statements more consumer-friendly
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01.Intelligent design for your mortgage data

Do bank statements make your eyes glaze over? Two creative types from Brisbane are tackling the complexity of the banking sector with an interesting proposal to “fix” mortgage statements.

Humans in Design is the collective efforts of Tristan Cooke and Thomas Nelson, whose mission statement is to achieve “positive change through considered design.”

As this video proposing how to fix Cooke’s mortgage statement shows, better design may provide an innovative solution to improve financial literacy.

Here is Cooke’s original mortgage statement:


“I had no idea what was happening with my mortgage when looking at the statement, and figured if I didn’t, most other people didn’t as well,” says Cooke.

“We know how design can influence behaviour, and we want to be involved so we can influence it for the better.”

And here is the statement after Humans in Design’s creative reworking:


Nelson says Cooke’s frustrations inspired a creative solution: “We both love to make information easier to use, and this was an example of information breaking down. Tristan had this mortgage statement, and it wasn’t working for him, so we made a new one.”

While Nelson says the bank was only “superficially interested” in the idea, he believes ultimately better design can provide a ‘win-win’ for consumers and industry.

“Both of us want to design information that is good for consumers and for business – they are not conflicting goals. Informed consumers are good customers,” says Nelson.

CHOICE thinks the proposal from Humans in Design deserves further consideration, and a similar approach could be taken to other complex consumer products, like mobile phone bills and electricity.

Let us know what you think with a comment and you can follow @humansindesign on Twitter.



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