Good wood guide released in Australia

When it comes to wood, consumer choices can make a real difference to communities and environments all around the world.
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  • Updated:10 Jun 2009

01.Good wood guide released in Australia

CHOICE welcomes Greenpeace’s Good Wood Guide, an initiative which will help Australians make sustainable and ethical decisions when buying timber.

Good Wood comes from ethical and ecologically sustainable sources. Buying such wood supports a solution to deforestation and related climate change, protects biodiversity and helps local forest communities find alternatives to poverty and loss of livelihood.

The Good Wood Guide categorises timber species into traffic light colours, with green flagging the best timber species to buy, amber indicating species whose sources should be checked carefully before buying, and red for bad wood that shouldn’t be used at all.

The guide was launched by TV presenter and landscape designer/horticulturalist, Jaime Durie, along with a joint statement on illegal logging.

Durie, who is also Ambassador of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), joined Bunnings, IKEA, major timber importer Simmonds and a host of other organisations in the call to stop illegal timber imports and encourage the purchasing of legally sourced wood.

“The Good Wood Guide shows Australians that they don’t have to destroy someone’s home to create their own,” says Durie.

The FSC is an international network that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests and finds solutions to the problems created by bad forestry. FSC wood may carry the distinctive FSC “green tree'” logo. The Good Wood Guide will direct consumers to wood that has been certified by organisations such as the FSC.

Each year, Australia imports approximately $400 million worth of illegal timber products from forests in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Solomon Islands. Greenpeace says illegal logging is linked to loss of livelihoods, irreversible biodiversity loss and devastating deforestation, which is a major contribution to climate change.

The guide is the first of its kind in Australia, and provides businesses the opportunity to join the list.

For more information, visit the Good Wood Guide website


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