Fixed energy pricing on the horizon in Australia?

Customers to have their say about whether retailers should be allowed to continue raising electricity and gas prices during fixed-term contracts.
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01.Consultation to change energy pricing rules


The national rule maker for gas and electricity providers is giving customers a chance to have their say about whether retailers should be allowed to continue raising prices during fixed-term electricity and gas contracts. 

Under current market rules, energy retailers can increase prices for consumers on contracts whenever they want. Some retailers will offer energy at a very low rate, enticing you to sign up and then increase the price once you’ve signed on.

Following a proposed rule change request by the Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) and Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has issued a consultation paper calling for consumer input about the changing the National Energy Retail Rules to ban mid-contract price increases. 

In conjunction with this, CALC has launched a new campaign to ban the practice of changing electricity prices mid-contract. Sign CALC's petition to ensure fixed contracts mean fixed prices.

Interested in making a submission?

Visit the AEMC website for more information. Submissions to the Retailer Price Variations in Market Retail Contracts rule change consultation are due by 27 March.

Submissions can be:

  • lodged online or,
  • mailed with the reference number RRC0001 clearly marked and sent to, Australian Energy Market Commission, PO Box A2449, Sydney South, NSW, 1235.
A final decision is expected in late 2014.

The rule change, should it succeed, would not be applicable to Western Australia or the Northern Territory as they are not governed by the National Energy Retail Law. Victoria and Queensland are expected to adopt the National Energy Retail Law this year. 

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