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CHOICE welcomes NSW food hygiene rating trial as important step for consumers
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01.Scores on doors

CHOICE welcomes the New South Wales Food Authority’s announcement of a year-long, voluntary ‘Scores on Doors’ restaurant hygiene rating trial. Whilst this will provide consumers with helpful information, a mandatory scheme is the only way to give consumers confidence in deciding where to eat.


What does Scores on Doors mean for consumers?

Under the trial scheme, local councils conducting food safety inspections assign participating restaurants in NSW a rating between one and five stars. Restaurants with three, four or five stars can post a certificate on their doors. However, consumers have no way of knowing whether a restaurant without a certificate has been unsatisfactory food hygiene practices or simply hasn’t participated in the program.


What does CHOICE want?

CHOICE has been campaigning for a national, consistent food hygiene rating scheme and earlier this year we gave Canada Bay Council a CHOICE Award after reviewing different schemes being run by local councils around Australia. CHOICE wants to see the introduction of a mandatory scheme at the end of the NSW trial. We also call on the state and territory governments to work together on a nationally consistent scheme.



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