Beware digital gold diggers

Watch out for people selling set-top-boxes door-to-door.

6 Nov 2009 | Unscrupulous types are selling over-priced set-top-boxes door-to-door with empty promises of Government reimbursement.

Telstra axes bill fee

CHOICE welcomes Telstra’s move to get rid of fees that have angered customers since their introduction.

4 Nov 2009 | The controversial $2.20 “administration fee”, charged to Telstra customers who use certain methods of payment, has been dropped after customer backlash.

Advertising green code launched

New rules governing the way green claims can be advertised are designed to stop consumers being deceived, but will they actually work?

3 Nov 2009 | A new voluntary code, launched by the Australian Association of National Advertisers, aims to regulate advertisers’ green claims. However, loopholes within the guidelines may undermine such efforts.


NAB drops more fees

NAB leads the Big Four pack, becoming the first bank to provide fair fees.

15 Oct 2009 | Following a campaign for fair fees from CHOICE and the Consumer Action Legal Centre, the National Australia Bank has become the first of the Big Four banks to offer consumers fair fees.

Australian Standard for organic industry

New rules for organic products will help consumers sort the wheat from the chaff.

9 Oct 2009 | An Australian Standard for organic and biodynamic products has been developed to help consumers buy the real deal.

Underage spending

A new prepaid Visa card for under-18s has been launched, but teenagers may fall for some hidden fee traps.

8 Oct 2009 | Teenagers as young as 13 can now sign up for a prepaid Visa card without any prior financial education or parental consent.

Fairtrade sales boom

As demand for ethical products grows, big-brand companies try to jump on the bandwagon.

7 Oct 2009 | Last year, Australians spent $23.4 million on fair-trade goods, indicating the demand for ethical products isn’t waning despite the economic downturn.

Australians to be fed folate in bread

Folate-fortified bread is set to hit our shelves, while New Zealand backs off.

6 Oct 2009 | In a bid to reduce neural tube defects (NTDs) in unborn babies, from mid-September bakers will be required to use flour containing folic acid in their bread products.


New Telstra fee not compulsory

Telstra’s CEO has a change of heart – anyone with concerns can be exempt from the new fee that came into effect today.

14 Sep 2009 | Telstra’s new $2.20 fee, charged to customers who don’t pay their bills electronically, will no longer be forced on customers who ring Telstra to express why they need to continue paying in cash.

Telco bill shock on the rise

The shock of costly bills from telcos has given rise to this new term, and figures indicate it’s a growing problem.

8 Sep 2009 | “Bill-shock” occurs when people receive internet or telephone bills that are far higher than expected. People are increasingly complaining about shock-inducing bills according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

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