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G20 financial consumer protection proposals forget lessons of GFC

World needs new international organisation to protect consumers

17 Oct 2011 | CHOICE says there needs to be protection for consumers using financial services and products.

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The Big Bank Switch is on - offers now open

26 Sep 2011 | CHOICE says that One Big Switch (OBS) is ready to put mortgage offers to the 40,000 people who registered their interest in the Big Bank Switch.


Food industry claims add to confusion

23 Sep 2011 | The food industry’s response to CHOICE’s Shame the Claim campaign has missed the point and simply added to consumers’ confusion.


Heart Foundation drops takeaway Tick

The National Heart Foundation is ending its Tick licensing program in the takeaway food industry.

22 Sep 2011 | The National Heart Foundation has announced it is scrapping its Tick licensing program in the takeaway food industry, citing its desire to broaden its work across the takeaway and catering sector.

Time has come for superannuation consumer body

21 Sep 2011 | CHOICE is welcoming many of the federal government’s reforms to the superannuation system, especially the consideration of an independent body to advocate for consumers.

Tragedy leads to scrutiny of baby-sling standards

The ACCC considers imposing mandatory standards on baby-carrying slings

21 Sep 2011 | After the death of a 2-day-old infant in South Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says it’s considering filling a crucial regulatory void by imposing mandatory standards on baby-carrying slings.

CHOICE welcomes Payday Lending reforms

20 Sep 2011 | The Consumer Action Law Centre, Financial Counselling Australia and the Consumer Credit Legal Centre NSW have launched a campaign to end the exploitation of vulnerable consumers by High Cost Short Term Lending, better known as Payday Lending.

CHOICE joint submission on Future of Financial Advice legislation

Consumers will benefit if joint submission is accepted

16 Sep 2011 | CHOICE has joined with several consumer organisations in a submission to the first tranche of draft legislation for the Federal Government’s Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms.

Beefing up of food labels a good move

Food standards proposal will close meat labelling loophole

9 Sep 2011 | CHOICE is calling for mandatory country of origin labelling on all unpackaged meat products to help consumers make informed decisions about the meat they’re buying.

Time to take the heat out of energy bills

8 Sep 2011 | With Australians being hit with higher energy bills, CHOICE is calling on the Federal Government to create a national energy savings initiative, designed to ensure it results in real savings for households.

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