Apple announces iPad mini

This smaller tablet plugs the gap between the iPod Touch and the iPad.

25 Oct 2012 | Apple's iPad mini announcement ends months of speculation and throws down the guantlet to 7-inch tablet rivals from Google, Samsung and Amazon.


ACCC calls for action on rising electricity prices

Australia’s consumer watchdog says it’s time to get serious on energy market reform.

25 Oct 2012 | ACCC states that processes to stop rising electricity prices need to be more than ‘box ticking’ exercises.


Greens propose free range egg laws in WA

Western Australia becomes the new front in free range fight.

24 Oct 2012 | A Green MLC in Western Australia has introduced a bill to limit free range claims to farm with stocking densities of 1500 birds per hectare.


Government announces a Super win for consumers

The Federal Government will be committing $10 million to establish a Superannuation Consumer Centre.

22 Oct 2012 | In a big win for consumers, the government has announced funding for a Superannuation Consumer Centre to advocate for consumer rights.


Buying in bulk and obesity

Health experts say there are long-term costs to supersizing.

19 Oct 2012 | Health experts say buying in bulk will add more kilojoules to a nation whose waistline is already heading in the wrong direction.


Report calls for changes to electricity regulation

Productivity Commission report slams the “spiralling network costs” pushing up electricity prices.

18 Oct 2012 | A new report by the Productivity Commission has highlighted the importance of CHOICE’s Take the Power Back campaign.


Food industry launches four-year-old health initiative

Food giants claim reformulation targets and decreasing product sizes will benefit consumers.

12 Oct 2012 | A group of big food companies has launched an initiative they claim will improve the health of Australians by reducing saturated fat, salt and energy (kilojoules) in processed foods.


Compare, ditch and switch

If your bank isn't giving you the very best deal then it's time to Compare, Ditch and Switch.

8 Oct 2012 | The RBA has once again cut the cash rate, but has your bank followed suit? If not it's time to Compare, Ditch, Switch and save!


Federal court targets dodgy door-knocking sales tactics

While the Do Not Knock legislation remains in limbo, there's better news on the legal front.

28 Sep 2012 | ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has hailed the Federal Court decision a three-way win for consumers.


In-app purchases under the microscope

The NSW government takes Apple to task over sneaky in-app purchases.

21 Sep 2012 | The NSW Minister for Fair Trading says consumer regulators are looking at ways to put a stop to parental bill shock resulting from in-app purchases.

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