Optus announces appeal

Football codes and Telstra win appeal in TV recording court battle, Optus to appeal decision.

10 May 2012 | Optus announces its plan to appeal the Federal Court’s decision on the legality of its TV Now service.

Organic meat

Country of origin win for meat eaters

Food regulator to close country of origin labeling loophole for unpackaged meat.

4 May 2012 | Food Standards Australia New Zealand has announced that it will require declaration of the country of origin of unpackaged beef, sheep and chicken meat.

Gift Cards generic - no brands shown

Time to deliver fairness on gift cards

Retailers need to play fair.

4 May 2012 | We support the move to clamp down on anti-consumer practices relating to expiry and conditions-of-use in the $1.5 billion gift card industry.

madcow disease

Mad cow in California

A disease has been detected in a US dairy cow.

3 May 2012 | US authorities have detected BSE - mad cow disease - in a dairy cow in California. CHOICE says local cattle feeding regulations must be maintained in order to prevent a similar occurance in Australia.


National energy-saving scheme could reduce bills

The Australian Government investigates the merits of a national Energy Savings Initiative.

2 May 2012 | A national scheme could require energy companies to help households implement energy saving measures.


Price discrimination inquiry

Parliamentary inquiry to demand answers for price discrimination.

30 Apr 2012 | Federal Labor politicians are seeking answers as to why Australians pay more than shoppers overseas for products that are exactly the same.


Egg Corp scrambles to set new standard

Free range egg standards are back in the spotlight.

24 Apr 2012 | Free range egg standards are back in the spotlight with the Australian Egg Corporation announcing it would increase maximum hen stocking densities to to 20,000 birds per hectare by the end of April.


New poll shows alcohol confusion among Australian drinkers

Two thirds of Australian drinkers underestimate what a standard drink is

23 Apr 2012 | Two thirds of Australian drinkers underestimate the number of standard drinks in a bottle of wine, according to the results of a new poll.

Susan Ryan

Ruby Hutchison Memorial Lecture 2012

The Hon Susan Ryan AO outlines the obstacles facing older people using the web

23 Apr 2012 | Each year, CHOICE invites a prominent Australian to deliver the Ruby Hutchison Memorial Lecture to ensure Ruby’s legacy as a champion for Australian consumers. On March 14 2012, the lecture was delivered by The Hon. Susan Ryan AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner with the Australian Human Rights Commission.


Airline Customer Advocate takes off

The new scheme is set to make complaint resolution fairer, but doesn't go far enough.

23 Apr 2012 | The Australian Airline Customer Advocate Scheme will launch later this year, but as an industry-funded body, it's no guarantee of complaint resolution.

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