Compare, ditch and switch

If your bank isn't giving you the very best deal then it's time to Compare, Ditch and Switch.

8 Oct 2012 | The RBA has once again cut the cash rate, but has your bank followed suit? If not it's time to Compare, Ditch, Switch and save!


Federal court targets dodgy door-knocking sales tactics

While the Do Not Knock legislation remains in limbo, there's better news on the legal front.

28 Sep 2012 | ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has hailed the Federal Court decision a three-way win for consumers.


In-app purchases under the microscope

The NSW government takes Apple to task over sneaky in-app purchases.

21 Sep 2012 | The NSW Minister for Fair Trading says consumer regulators are looking at ways to put a stop to parental bill shock resulting from in-app purchases.


End to 'Financial Counselling' confusion

The terms ‘financial counsellor’ and ‘financial counselling’ have been restricted to not-for-profit organisations.

17 Sep 2012 | New reforms means that dodgy for-profit enterprises can no longer claim to be ‘financial counsellors’ or to provide ‘financial counselling’.


Retailers push for online GST

A government report shows how the GST could be expanded to online sales.

10 Sep 2012 | Australian retailers are renewing their push to apply GST to sales on foreign-owned websites.


ANZ faces class action lawsuit

Australian consumers fight unfair bank fees in the High Court.

6 Sep 2012 | A class action lawsuit is fighting for over $220 million in unfair bank fees collected from Australian consumers.


CHOICE targets online geoblocking

We've told the Attorney General’s department to protect consumers who bypass online geoblocks.

29 Aug 2012 | Geoblocks prevent consumers from getting a better deal, and help companies discriminate on price.


Hope for end to energy network ‘gold plating’

End to energy network companies charging consumers for unnecessary infrastructure.

24 Aug 2012 | New rules could mean electricity companies won't be able to profit from over-investing in their poles and wires.


A cap on roaming?

The Commonwealth rattles a sword at the telecom industry, but will any real enforcement ensue?

23 Aug 2012 | The announcement of possible regulatory intervention to prevent excessive international roaming charges is good news, but will the telecommunications world really change?

senate committee report on food processing

Calls for better country of origin labelling

A senate committee report recommends country of origin labelling reform.

20 Aug 2012 | A senate inquiry has found that Australia's country of origin labelling is in need of an overhaul.

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