CHOICE's guide to your shopping rights

Get savvy this summer with the latest CHOICE guide.

21 Dec 2012 | This guide outlines common traps to be wary of, as well as offering tips on smarter shopping.


Pepe's free range quackdown

Federal Court fines Pepe’s Ducks for misleading open range claims

20 Dec 2012 | Pepe’s Ducks has been fined $375,000 by the Federal Court over complaints by the ACCC of misleading ‘open range’ claims


Dodgy food health claims stopped in Europe

New European Union regulation lists permitted health claims, bans rest

19 Dec 2012 | Regulations have come into effect in Europe that will only allow food health claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority.


Origin labelling extended to meat

Ministers agree to close country-of-origin labelling loophole.

11 Dec 2012 | Ministers back the food regulator in extending mandatory origin labelling to meat products.


Food ministers approve health claims standard

One step forward or one step back for consumers?

10 Dec 2012 | New standards for health claims a mixed blessing for consumers.


Power to the people

Political leaders reach an agreement on energy market reform

10 Dec 2012 | Politicians last Friday listened to over 5,360 people who stood with CHOICE in our campaign to put power back in the hands of Australian energy consumers and reduce future pressure on energy bills.


CHOICE Magazine wins Maggie design award

CHOICE Magazine wins Maggie design award

5 Dec 2012 | CHOICE Magazine wins the prestigious Maggie Award for excellence in cover design. The October 2011 issue, sporting a fluffy kitten and the new logo, walked off with the award in the Specialist Magazine category.


Optus breaks customer contracts

Optus is playing fast and loose with customer contracts.

4 Dec 2012 | We've been hearing from Optus customers who aren’t impressed with the company’s latest trick of upping monthly rates in the middle of contracts.


Countdown for electricity reform

The future of electricity prices is to be decided this Friday.

4 Dec 2012 | Tell our political leaders that Australians expect and demand action on soaring electricity prices while there is still time.


Channel 7's Sunrise visits CHOICE

The Sunrise crew heads deep inside the CHOICE labs to see exactly what our expert testers get up too in the course of a typical testing day.

4 Dec 2012 | Great to have Edwina and the Sunrise crew here; time now to go and put our labs back together!

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