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Proposal for a new consumer travel advocate

CHOICE has submitted a proposal to fund consumer advocacy in the travel market

14 Nov 2013 | CHOICE is seeking funding to create a Consumer Travel Hub to significantly improve the experience of Australian consumers in the travel market.


2013's People's Choice Shonkiest Shonky award

The people have spoken... and declared ecoeggs the worst of the worst.

6 Nov 2013 | "Free-range" ecoeggs the worst of the worst for 2013. Talk about egg on their faces.


EA apologises for shonky tech support charges

EA has apologised for, and promised to rectify, the tech-support mess than won them a CHOICE Shonky Award.

1 Nov 2013 | EA has apologised for, and promised to rectify, the tech-support mess than won them a CHOICE Shonky Award.


DFAT uninvites journalist from TPP briefing

CHOICE is disappointed by the continuing lack of transparency surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and calls on consumers to sign our TPP petition

30 Oct 2013 | Australian government representatives are negotiating a trade deal that has serious implications for Australia's future, but the secrecy surrounding the negotiations is worrying CHOICE.


NSW set to introduce anti ticket scalping laws

CHOICE hopes the legislation achieves its objective without hampering consumers who have genuine reasons for on-selling their tickets.

25 Oct 2013 | New legislation proposed in NSW seeks to reduce ticket scalping, but CHOICE hopes it does not inadvertently prevent consumers from on-selling their tickets for legitimate reasons.


Bushfire insurance cover update

It's a good time to review some key facts about fire insurance cover.

21 Oct 2013 | If you’re potentially in the path of a bushfire and don’t have insurance, be sure to ask any insurer you talk to for the details on how long you’ll have to wait before the cover takes effect.


ACCC takes action against in-app purchases

The ACCC joins international effort against in-app purchase bill shocks.

11 Sep 2013 | The ACCC, along with over 50 other consumer protection agencies, is cracking down on in-app purchases.



Consumer groups fight for a new web authentication system that is fair for all users

5 Sep 2013 | Consumer groups want to end the use of CAPTCHAs, which discriminate against blind and vision-impaired consumers.


Advertising blitz on over-the-counter medicines

TGA seeks to crack down on advertising for over-the-counter and complementary medicines

3 Sep 2013 | CHOICE supports tighter therapeutic goods advertising standards in Australia


Are you breaking copyright law?

Support our campaign for fair use of the books, music and movies that you own

27 Aug 2013 | CHOICE research shows that Australia’s copyright laws are in need of reform.

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