senate committee report on food processing

Calls for better country of origin labelling

A senate committee report recommends country of origin labelling reform.

20 Aug 2012 | A senate inquiry has found that Australia's country of origin labelling is in need of an overhaul.

credit card reform

Banks respond to credit card reforms

Not all banks are applying the new credit card reforms.

17 Aug 2012 | Banks are applying new reforms to existing cards in a variety of ways

Door knocking

ACCC targets energy door-knocking

ACCC takes action against shonky energy door-to-door practices.

17 Aug 2012 | The ACCC has launched a new initiative targeting door-to-door sales tactics.

Alan Kirkland

CHOICE names new CEO

Long-time consumer advocate to take the reins at CHOICE.

13 Aug 2012 | CHOICE's next CEO, Alan Kirkland, says strengthening ties with members, consumers, businesses and government will be one of his top priorities.


Greens plan to reform food origin labelling

Australian Greens propose sweeping changes to country of origin labelling rules for food products.

8 Aug 2012 | The Australian Greens have proposed a major shake-up of country of origin food labelling.


Paid too much for IT products?

We want to hear if you’ve paid more for digital products because you’ve bought them in Australia.

2 Aug 2012 | We're asking for examples of price discrimination on computer, software, gaming, and music products.


ACCC acts on false carbon claim

The ACCC has taken action against a Melbourne gym.

2 Aug 2012 | A Melbourne gym is fined $6600 after making misleading carbon claims.


Industry defends IT price differences

Technology industry has predictable reaction to IT pricing inquiry.

30 Jul 2012 | Industry groups claim that the costs of doing business in Australia are driving up the prices of IT hardware and software products.


Debate over nano-materials in sunscreens grows

Friends of the Earth claims that two suppliers of sunscreen ingredients misled leading brands.

27 Jul 2012 | Environmental groups call for action against allegedly misleading nanoparticle labelling on suncreen products.


Governments decide future of health claims

Food and health ministers reject proposal for independent evaluation of new claims.

23 Jul 2012 | Food and health ministers in Australia and New Zealand have rejected a proposal by FSANZ for independent evaluation of new health claims in food labelling.

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