New laws tap into privacy concerns

Right to anonymity under new laws

New privacy laws regulate how personal information is handled

25 Mar 2014 | New sweeping privacy laws have been introduced, and include the right to deal anonymously or by pseudonym.

Aussies still slugged by credit card surcharges

Credit card surcharges remain despite reforms

Over the past 12 months Australians have paid $800 million in credit card surcharges.

18 Mar 2014 | It's a year since Reserve Bank reforms were introduced but Australians continue to be slugged with excessive credit card surcharges.

Lunchbox stars revealed

Lunchbox stars disclosed

CHOICE calculates the Health Star Ratings of popular kids’ foods.

14 Mar 2014 | Health star ratings of typical items found in kids’ lunchboxes show significant variation.

iphone in hand

Mobile phone customers' calls, text and data go unused

Half of mobile phone consumers aren’t using all of their included calls, text and data.

14 Mar 2014 | Research from ACCAN, CHOICE and the Consumer Action Law Centre shows Australians aren’t getting the most out of their mobile phone plans.

Why are Australians paying more for IT and tech goods?

8 things to know about IT pricing

CHOICE busts the myths and reveals the facts behind the cost of IT and technology goods in Australia.

4 Mar 2014 | CHOICE tells you eight things you need to know about IT pricing.

Car crashes and repairers

Can you really choose your car repairer?

We reveal questionable links between car insurers and smash repairers.

4 Mar 2014 | Car insurers' preferred smash repairers are producing poor quality repairs.

Qantas flight disruption concerns

Advice for Qantas customers

Information for consumers who may be stranded by Qantas disruptions.

28 Feb 2014 | Passengers worried about Qantas flights may well be wondering how their travel insurance will hold up.


Is this what Krafty companies don't want you to know?

Health star ratings to find poor performers from Kraft and Nabisco.

25 Feb 2014 | CHOICE has used the recently released Health Star Rating Calculator to compare a selection of supermarket favourites, finding few stars among the offerings from Kraft, Cadbury, Nabisco and Oreo.

Telstra mobile phone shock threat

Beware new mobile phone bill shock threat

Sweeping changes to Telstra mobile phone call charges could cost Aussies while overseas.

24 Feb 2014 | Changes to Telstra’s pricing mean consumers could be stung by unexpectedly high global roaming mobile phone charges.


Premium SMS services target school kids

SMS service warning: is your kid's school being targeted by premium SMS marketers peddling teddy bear wristbands?

24 Feb 2014 | CHOICE tells parents to warn kids about premium SMS numbers, so you don't get stung with a huge mobile phone bill.

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