Retro red phone with line being cut

ISP ONEseniors collapse strands seniors

Thousands of vulnerable elderly left without internet and emergency landline phone services after ISP ONEseniors goes into administration.

8 May 2014 | Thousands of elderly people have been left without internet and landline phone services by the collapse of ISP ONEseniors. The company, which specialised in discounted internet and phone services for the over-55s, went into administration leaving its elderly customers effectively cut off.

surgeons, lawyers, finance dealers and tradies hit by new tax

2014 Budget Countdown: 5 days to go

A debt tax now seems a sure thing, but it may only hit those earning at least $150,000 a year.

8 May 2014 | A new debt tax seems like a done deal, but the likely annual salary threshold has moved from $80,000 to at least $150,000.

Man sleeping on a couch

Sleep apnoea could be treated with a 3D mouthguard

Sufferers of sleep apnoea have long had to put up with bulky, noisy and uncomfortable devices to help them sleep at night, but things are looking up.

8 May 2014 | The CSIRO has co-created a new type of mouthguard, made by a 3D printer, that could revolutionise treatment for sleep apnoea sufferers and snorers.

Joint formula pills in the shape of a shark

Shark cartilage toxicity warning

A common dietary supplement has been found to contain substances that harm the nervous system.

8 May 2014 | Tests on shark cartilage consumer products have revealed mercury and BMAA, neurotoxins linked with motor neurone disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.


2014 budget countdown: 6 days to go

Government decisions going back to the Howard years have been blamed for the current 'crisis' situation.

7 May 2014 | Budget crisis – how did we get here? From the petrol excise to pink batts and grants to the RBA, a number of government decisions have led to the current economic situation.

Dietary supplements on a table with baby dummies

Prenatal fish oil no boost to baby's brain

An Australian study found prenatal omega-3 DHA supplements may not produce baby Einsteins after all.

7 May 2014 | A long-term Australian study has found DHA supplements provide no benefit to cognitive development of children born to women given the supplements when pregnant.

computer monitor display http

Australia at risk of cyber attack

CSIRO says the digitisation of Australia will escalate cyber crime.

6 May 2014 | Bank robbers and house burglars may be outdone by cyber crime in Australia’s digital future.

Business man counts money

2014 Budget countdown: 7 days to go

The proposed 'debt tax' is coming under increasing scrutiny from within the Liberal party.

6 May 2014 | The proposed introduction of a "debt tax" has drawn sharp criticism from Peter Costello and John Hewson.

Judge's gavel with money in background

Apple v Samsung: Apple wins $US120m

Samsung also wins $US160,000 against Apple in countersuit over smartphone technology patents.

5 May 2014 | Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $US120 million in settlement of a lawsuit over smartphone patents, while Apple has to pay Samsung nearly $US160,000.

Australian currency

2014 Budget countdown

Consumers could be in for some hard hits following the Abbott government's first Budget.

5 May 2014 | CHOICE looks at the main stories relating to the upcoming 2014 budget, to be delivered on 13 May 2014

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