optus customers who entered into a post-paid plan after 26 January and new customers up until 16 May will be given the option of cancelling their plans due to a misleading ad

Optus customers can terminate plans due to misleading ad

An Optus ad earlier this year misled viewers by saying that there was minimal difference in coverage between Optus and Telstra

3 Apr 2014 | A misleading ad has given Optus customers the right to cancel their plans.


Department store online sales growth faster than online-only

Consumers are voting with their wallets and spending more money with retailers with both an online and bricks-and-mortar presence.

3 Apr 2014 | Australian consumers prefer to shop at stores with both an online and offline presence.

Financial adviser dining out on piggy bank

Super growth, but no trust in financial advisers

Financial planners have become very unpopular with Australians.

2 Apr 2014 | While superannuation has been growing, Australians' trust in financial advisers hasn't been keeping pace.


Rent-to-buy crackdown

Consumer Protection in WA clamps down on dodgy rent-to-buy scheme operators.

1 Apr 2014 | Operators of rent-to-buy home buying schemes, which cash in on would-be home-owners' desperation to enter the property market, have been taken to court by Consumer Protection WA.

shares or fixed interest in superannuation

Can your super handle another financial crisis?

Australian retirees and near-retirees may be vulnerable to another GFC through their super accounts.

1 Apr 2014 | A recent report by the Financial Services Council (FSC) reveals that Australian superannuation funds are more heavily invested in the share markets than a number of other countries with comparable retirement schemes.

baby asleep in baby sling

Safety warning on baby slings

Calls for education campaign for safe use of baby slings following suffocation.

31 Mar 2014 | An Australian university study has found that almost one in 20 infants have been injured or narrowly avoided injury in slings.


Office for iPad released

Microsoft announces genuine Office apps for iOS and Android tablets.

28 Mar 2014 | A new mobile-first and cloud-first strategy that includes bringing Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Apple’s popular tablet as well as Android devices has been announced by Microsoft.

Qantas changes frequent flyer program

Qantas changes Frequent Flyer program

Frequent flyers with Qantas will no longer earn points on how far they fly but on how much they pay.

28 Mar 2014 | Customers choosing cheaper Qantas flights will earn less points under the announced changes.

Online auction site on computer

eBay to charge commissions on shipping

Changes to eBay's fee structures have been announced.

28 Mar 2014 | Sellers will pay more in commissions, but could save money on shipping under eBay's new fee structure.


Optus warned for overcharging customers

Telco wrongly bills 237,500 customers over a four-year period.

27 Mar 2014 | Communications watchdog ACMA has formally warned Optus about overcharging customers nearly $9m following an investigation.

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