Quack: duck with stethoscope

Black salve warning

Alternative medicine promoted for treating skin cancer doesn't work and can in fact cause skin damage.

14 Apr 2014 | Black salve is promoted as an alternative cure for skin cancer. However, there's no evidence it works and it can cause significant injury and permanent scarring.

Court finds against SensaSlim

SensaSlim slammed (again)

The federal court finds SensaSlim misled franchisees about Peter Foster's involvement in the company.

11 Apr 2014 | Everyone's favourite phony weight loss company under fire again.

choc melted

Coles Easter egg recall

Consumers with tree nut allergies are urged to return the affected Coles and BI-LO Easter eggs to their nearest store.

11 Apr 2014 | Several Coles home-brand Easter chocolate products have tested positive for traces of tree nuts.

Protect your credit rating

Credit reporting grace period extended after CHOICE campaign

Consumers now have 14 days to pay before a black mark is registered on their credit report.

10 Apr 2014 | Consumers now have 14 days to make minimum payments on credit cards and other credit contracts before a black mark is registered on their credit report.

teenage drinking declining according to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

Teenage drinking on the decline

Teenagers, and Australians in general, are drinking less.

10 Apr 2014 | Teenagers are drinking less than they were in 2001, according to new research from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.


Plan to pull pesticide reforms

Dozens of pesticides approved for use in agriculture have never been properly assessed in Australia.

10 Apr 2014 | The federal government wants to remove reforms that would require assessment of agricultural chemicals and pesticides.


Marinating BBQ meat with beer may reduce cancer risk

Study finds beer might help to mop up dangerous molecules.

10 Apr 2014 | Barbecuing meat produces potentially unhealthy free radicals but a study has found that dark beer may reduce these carcinogenic molecules.


Facebook draining your iPhone battery?

Overzealous Facebook app the main culprit in killing battery life, says former 'Apple Genius'.

9 Apr 2014 | A former “Apple Genius” has pointed the finger at the social networking giant’s overzealous app for sucking the life out of your iPhone.

Door to door energy salesperson

Energy Australia fined for door knocking

ACCC action to clamp down on illegal practices results in million dollar fine.

9 Apr 2014 | Energy Australia has been fined for illegal door knocking tactics, the latest in a run of ACCC actions.


NHMRC review finds no evidence for homeopathy

The Australian government scientific review determines homeopathy can't - and doesn't - work.

9 Apr 2014 | The NH&MRC conducted an exhaustive review of homeopathy research, finding no evidence it's an effective treatment and no plausible scientific explanation for how it works.

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