Federal budget buster guide

With budget belt-tightening the order of the day, CHOICE is helping you save your bacon.

14 May 2014 | CHOICE's guide to cost savings aims at keeping your household budget in the black.

Dollar sign with crack marks around it

2014 Budget reaction: Twitter

If you ask the people of Twitter, few were happy with the 2014 budget.

14 May 2014 | Following last night's federal budget, the Twittersphere has been abuzz with responses. Many have summed it up under the #threewordbudget. What was the general mood?

house drawn in sand washed by wave

2014 Budget countdown: 0 days to go

The government is set to slash affordable housing, send would-be pensioners to work and sell off NSW electricity.

13 May 2014 | The Rudd government’s National Rent Affordability Scheme will be cut by Abbott and businesses will receive cash payments to employ mature workers.

Windows XP support is coming to an end

Last patch for Windows XP

After ceasing support for Windows XP, Microsoft issues one last security fix for Internet Explorer, leaving users of the popular operating system to "upgrade or else".

13 May 2014 | Microsoft has issued a final post-support security patch to address a flaw in Internet Explorer, despite officially ending support for Windows XP several weeks ago.


Identity theft one of the most common crimes

New survey says one million people have been affected.

13 May 2014 | A new survey by the Australian Institute of Criminology suggests that identity crime is one of the most common crimes in Australia.

Airline passengers in flight

Telstra tests 4G network on flights

New 'Skinet' system provides fast internet on trial flights.

12 May 2014 | Telstra has begun testing a new system for fast in-flight internet access, but it's still early days.

Doctor consulting a female patient

2014 Budget countdown: 1 day to go

Will patients be stung by a co-payment in hospital emergency rooms? And are sole parents at risk of a further income slug?

12 May 2014 | CHOICE examines the latest releases and leaks from the 2014 Budget including those arouns co-payments, fuel tax and recommendations from the National Commission of Audit regarding payments for sole parents.

Another chemical clothing recall

Myer, Target and others issue voluntary recalls after hazardous azo dyes were detected in various lines of denim jeans.

9 May 2014 | The hazardous azo dyes were found in women' and children's jeans lines, since recalled by the fashion retailers.

vintage car on the road

2014 Budget countdown: 4 days to go

The floated increase in the fuel excise tax will hit low income households the hardest, experts say.

9 May 2014 | The fuel excise tax may be increased in Tuesday’s federal budget, adding an extra $2 to the average fuel tank, if leaks prove accurate.

Boys playing soccer with soccer goal in foreground

Dangers of moveable soccer goals

Moveable soccer goals have killed seven people in Australia. Find out how to make sure they're safely secured.

9 May 2014 | The A-League season may be over, but the children’s soccer season is just beginning, so make sure you check potentially hazardous goalposts.

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