Aussie blogger leaks iPhone 6 pics

Twitter images show front and back of two alleged iPhone 6 models believed to be 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models due for release in September.

18 Jun 2014 | A highly-credible Australian blogger has leaked pics of the eagerly awaited Apple iPhone 6, clearly showing two new models in different sizes side by side.

Apple ebook suit ipads and iphone in iBookstore

Apple settles antitrust lawsuit

The tech giant has reached an out-of-court settlement with consumers and states that claimed Apple caused them to pay more for ebooks.

18 Jun 2014 | Apple has settled a class action lawsuit in the US after a court found that it engaged in collusion in an attempt to increase the price of ebooks.

Smartphone with a dial saying credit is nearly empty

Telco complaints down but excess data charges an issue

Less complaints are being made about telcos overall, but excess data charges are emerging as an issue.

18 Jun 2014 | Being charged for excess data usage is emerging as an issue for consumers despite an overall drop in complaints about mobile service providers.


Barossa Farms Produce's claims misleading

ACCC finds gourmet meat range doesn't live up to claims.

18 Jun 2014 | Saskia Beer of Barossa Farm Produce has agreed to court-enforceable undertakings to the ACCC not to misrepresent the origins of the Black-Pig product range.

Mobile phone unzips with credit cards inside

ACCC to intervene on SMS charges

The days of telcos gouging consumers for SMSes could be numbered.

17 Jun 2014 | The ACCC will regulate wholesale SMS pricing for the first time, potentially bringing the cost of text messages down.

man in suit counting money

Debt levy passes the senate

High-income earners set to pay more tax from July.

17 Jun 2014 | The federal government's controversial debt levy has passed through the Senate with Labor support.


Movies to hit home sooner to beat pirates

Studios to cut delay from cinema release to DVD and digital download to encourage consumers to buy rather than download illegally.

17 Jun 2014 | Movies will now be available to Australians on DVD and download three months after their release in Australian cinemas.

Trekkers walking along a track.

Dream travel destinations different to reality

Where we dream of holidaying isn't necessarily where we end up.

16 Jun 2014 | Roy Morgan research reveals that where Australians would like to holiday isn't necessarily where we end up.

Botox injection and phials.

Nurse suspended over unsupervised Botox injections

Cosmetic injections such as Botox must be administered under the supervision of a doctor.

16 Jun 2014 | Unsupervised Botox injections are under the spotlight after a Sydney nurse was found guilty of professional misconduct.

Ledger book with sum circled in red

ATO to police travel, tech expenses

Be careful what you claim for – the ATO is on the hunt for dodgy work-related expenses on tax returns.

16 Jun 2014 | The Australian Taxation Office has announced that they will be scrutinising travel expenses and computer and phone write-offs in this year’s tax returns.

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