Dentist probes patient's teeth

High cost of dental care due to private health insurance premiums: ADA

The Australian Dental Association says much of the money spent on dental care goes to insurance premiums and out of pocket costs.

4 Jul 2014 | Australians are spending $7.4bn on dental care, much of which is going to insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs, according to the ADA.

ACCC warns gyms about contracts people running on treadmills in gym

Gyms with misleading 'no contracts' advertising on ACCC list

No contracts means no contracts, ACCC warns gyms.

4 Jul 2014 | Gyms that advertise “no contracts” when they actually mean "short-term memberships with contracts” told to clean up their acts.

L’Oréal's website

L’Oréal unable to support anti-ageing claims on skincare products

Cosmetics company L’Oréal USA couldn't provide any scientific evidence for its "clinically proven" anti-ageing claims.

4 Jul 2014 | L’Oréal in the US has been prohibited from claiming its products have an anti-ageing benefit as it has no scientific evidence to support the claims.

Pills in bottles

Older Australians overusing anti-inflammatory pain killers

NSAID overuse and interactions with other drugs pose health risk to patients

3 Jul 2014 | Researchers find older Australians are taking anti-inflammatory pain killers for too long, and without sufficient precautions to minimise harmful side-effects.

Fire insurance warning sign points to high risk

Home insurance risk information kept from homeowners

Victorian report calls for full disclosure.

3 Jul 2014 | Victoria’s Fire Services Levy Monitor has released a report that calls on the insurance industry to reveal to consumers the risk information they use to set premiums.

GE Money pays fine credit cards stacked

GE Money fined $1.5m: guilty of false or misleading representations

ASIC cracks down on consumer credit provider GE Money for making false or misleading representations to over 700,000 customers.

3 Jul 2014 | The credit provider falsely told some customers they had to opt in to receiving credit limit increase invitations to activate their credit card.

Credit reporting health check

More black marks on consumers' credit reports?

Comprehensive credit reporting could be bad news for consumers.

2 Jul 2014 | Following the introduction of comprehensive credit reporting in Australia, it has been revealed that this type of credit information can be detrimental for a consumer’s rating.

baby sucking on a toy

Safety tool detects kids' choking hazards

ACCC issues free safety tool to identify choking hazards for babies.

2 Jul 2014 | The ACCC has released a free safety tool to help parents determine choking hazards for babies and toddlers.

Mobile call

Mobile calls to 1800 numbers to be free

Mobile phone providers will stop charging for phone calls to 1800 numbers.

2 Jul 2014 | The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network wins the battle for 1800 numbers to be a free call from mobile phones.

A light globe on top of an electricity bill

Move to block NSW electricity price deregulation

The state government's electricity price deregulation laws, which come into effect today, could be repealed when Parliament returns after the winter break.

1 Jul 2014 | Electricity prices in NSW are being deregulated as of today with a transitional rate, but the new rules could be repealed.

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