Curtain falls on Crazy John's

Discount mobile retailer to be shut down in September.

10 Jul 2014 | It's the end of an era for mobile phone retailer Crazy John's as Vodafone announces closure in September 2014.

needle with vials of vaccine

Gardasil vaccine blood clot risk refuted

Danish study refutes link between HPV vaccination and increased risk of blood clots.

10 Jul 2014 | There’s no association between the HPV vaccine Gardasil and an increased risk of blood clots, concludes a large Danish study.

Toddler eating a piece of bread

Everyday foods making toddlers eat too much salt

More than half of toddlers are eating salt beyond the recommended daily upper limit.

10 Jul 2014 | Toddlers are being put at risk of high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease later in life due to excessive salt intakes from everyday foods.

Internet of Things word map

Printed e-label breakthrough

Advance in printed diode technology has potential to connect paper to the internet.

9 Jul 2014 | Printable e-labels provide yet another means of data storage and communication embedded in or on objects, with a new development potentially enabling communication at mobile phone frequencies.

Debt collector pulling a bank note out of a purse.

Debt collection rules updated with new consumer protections

Revised guideline sets limits on contact methods and frequency

9 Jul 2014 | The ACCC and ASIC have issued an updated guideline that explains what debt collectors can and can’t do when getting in touch with debtors.

HIV at-home testing picture of stethoscope and a questionmark

HIV at-home self-tests coming to Australia

Companies can now manufacture and sell HIV self-tests in Australia.

8 Jul 2014 | Consumers should soon be able to test for HIV at home, with restrictions on self-HIV testing lifted.

fried foods cancer child's hand picking up hot chips

Chips, coffee, crackers and some baby food increase risk of cancer, says EU

Browned food is a potential carcinogen, EU food safety authority warns (again).

8 Jul 2014 | EU warns consumers to reduce intake of starchy foods cooked at high temperatures as much as possible due to carcinogenic chemical acrylamide.

Doctor speaks with older patient

Medicare co-payments will hit Australians over 65 hardest: study

New research has found older Australians will be hardest hit by the proposed Medicare co-payments.

7 Jul 2014 | Older Australians will be the hardest hit by the proposed $7 Medicare co-payment and the increased price of medicines on the PBS, a study from the University of Sydney has found.

USB charger illustration

NSW Fair Trading continues crackdown on vendors of dodgy suspect chargers

Businesses selling suspect electrical goods raided in NSW.

7 Jul 2014 | NSW Fair Trading continue undercover inspections for dangerous electrical goods.

Wallet with paper currency fanning out

Electricity costs not fairly applied

Grattan Institute recommends higher costs for peak users.

7 Jul 2014 | A new report by the Grattan Institute calls for a rethink of the way consumers are charged for electricity.

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