Body with blood pressure figures and red blood cells

Gum treatment reduces key risk factor for heart disease

An annual scale and clean has been found to reduce a key risk associated with heart disease.

26 Jun 2014 | A new study highlights the importance of preventative dental care, with one scale and clean a year markedly reducing the thickening of the carotid artery, a key risk factor for heart disease.

microscope inspecting bowel cancer screening test kit

Bowel cancer screening rates fall

Test could saves lives, but participation rates have dropped.

26 Jun 2014 | Bowel cancer kills Australians, yet an increasing number of people are failing to complete a simple, potentially life-saving screening test, according to a new report.

Woman blows her nose.

Antibiotics won't help colds and flu

Government reminds Aussies that misuse of antibiotics may add to superbug problem.

26 Jun 2014 | Two-thirds of Australian workers mistakenly believe antibiotics work for colds and flu, a misconception that could contribute to the spread of antibiotic resistance in Australia.

Boy eating corn looks worried

GM corn study reignites controversy

Scientists angered by republication of study with serious flaws.

25 Jun 2014 | Scientists have criticised the republication of controversial study linking GM corn with cancer. The study was originally retracted due to methodological failings which remain unaddressed.

salt spilling out of salt shaker

FDA asks US food industry to reduce salt

Americans are eating too much salt, and sodium in processed foods is largely to blame.

24 Jun 2014 | American food companies could soon face government pressure to make their foods less salty in an attempt to help prevent thousands of deaths each year from heart disease and stroke.

Phone cord tangled around toy robot

Customer service failures lead to lost business

$8bn a year out the door when call centres fall short.

24 Jun 2014 | A new survey suggests Australian companies who leave customers hanging are losing a combined $8 billion a year.

Bleeding heart icon

Heartbleed bug repair rate slowing

Security flaw still a threat on more than 300,000 web servers worldwide

24 Jun 2014 | The Heartbleed bug is still far from being fixed, months after it was revealed to be a security threat on up to two-thirds of the world’s websites and it also affects up to a third of Android users.

Two pots of yoghurt with strawberries

Chobani in court again over yoghurt claims

A new class action over deceptive labelling has been launched against yoghurt manufacturer Chobani.

24 Jun 2014 | American yoghurt manufacturer Chobani has been taken to court in the US again for allegedly deceiving consumers with its labelling.

scam alert road sign

Small business alert for false billing scams

Don’t pay for false bills, ACCC warns small businesses.

24 Jun 2014 | The ACCC is warning small businesses about false billing scams, which attempt to trick small business owners into paying fake invoices.

Two hands hold a piggy bank

Australians to get more super from next week

Mandatory employer superannuation contributions will increase to 9.5% as of 1 July.

23 Jun 2014 | Employers must start paying the 9.5% super guarantee starting 1 July. But those employees on packages inclusive of superannuation may receive it as a hit to their take-home pay.

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