closed health funds

Get a discount on health insurance

With a the 6.2% health insurance increase announced, act quickly and you can save up to 10%.

27 Feb 2015 | Another health insurance premium increase of, on average, 6.2% will hit Australians' hip pockets from 1 April this year, on par with last year's increase. CHOICE investigates smart ways to save on your health insurance.


Proposed anti-piracy scheme puts consumer rights at risk

Industry code likely to lead to fines for unsuspecting consumers.

25 Feb 2015 | There are concerns a proposed scheme to crack down on illegal downloads could funnel Australian consumers into legal action, bypassing ordinary checks and balances.


Optus makes global roaming an automatic opt-out feature

Customers on Optus plans need to be careful to avoid bill shock as its global roaming feature will soon be activated automatically.

25 Feb 2015 | Optus will start automatically activating global roaming so that customers will need to opt out if they don't want to be stung with bill shock when travelling overseas.


Coles to make shopping online more accessible

Supermarket will make its online shopping facility more usable for visually impaired customers.

24 Feb 2015 | Coles agrees to improve its online ordering website after being taken to court by a legally blind Sydney woman.

palm holding money symbol

Payday lender The Cash Store slapped with penalty of nearly $19m

Over 80 stores and millions in loans prior to liquidation

23 Feb 2015 | The Canada-based lender has been ordered to pay a record-breaking fine in a case brought by ASIC.

frozen vegetables

Australians can't be sure where their frozen fruit and veggies come from

The recent frozen berry scare has highlighted the flaws in current labelling laws.

21 Feb 2015 | CHOICE checks the labels and finds we have no way of knowing where half the frozen fruit and veg in Aussie supermarkets comes from.


CHOICE calls for reversal on ASIC funding cuts

ASIC's ability to conduct surveillance on financial services is being hampered by a lack of funding.

20 Feb 2015 | We're asking for funding cuts to ASIC's budget to be reversed so that it can properly monitor industries that have proven dangerous to consumers.

home bracing for a cyclone

Queensland and NT cyclones and home insurance

Check your key facts sheet to see if you're covered for cyclone-related events

20 Feb 2015 | With cyclones Marcia and Lam bearing down on Queensland and the NT, it's a good time to check your home insurance.


Should the family home be included in pension means test?

The argument for and against including the family home in the means test for the age pension.

19 Feb 2015 | The government juggled a political hot potato right out the window, with the exemption of the family home from the age pension means test to stay in place.


Fetch TV partners with Netflix

Digital double-header as streaming platform comes to internet TV service.

18 Feb 2015 | Fetch TV has partnered with Netflix to bring the popular US online streaming service straight to Fetch TV viewers' tellies, marking another bid to grab eyeballs in the streaming battle.

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