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Mobility scooters

02 Sep 2010 | Accidents, causing head injuries, fractures and fatality can occur on mobility scooters.  More »


2009 Bloopers

17 Dec 2009 | Some of the best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) highlights from our 2009 CHOICE videos.  More »

Washing machine recall

15 Dec 2009 | See the list of washing machines that are being recalled.  More »


Maclaren stroller recall in USA

10 Nov 2009 | The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall of Maclaren strollers, due to the stroller’s hinge mechanism posing a fingertip amputation and laceration hazard to a child when the stroller is being unfolded.  More »

Costco opens in Australia

17 Jul 2009 | Thousands of shoppers were up early to throng the store, about three times the size of a large supermarket, to check out the hype of low prices and unusual product offerings such as grandfather clocks, diamond rings and king crab legs from Russia.  More »

Queensland bans energy inefficient air conditioners

03 Jul 2009 | The Queensland government has introduced a ban on the sale and installation of air-conditioning units that fail to achieve an energy efficiency ratio of 2.9 or higher – equivalent to a four-star energy rating – beginning September this year.  More »

Beware digital gold diggers

06 Nov 2009 | Unscrupulous types are selling over-priced set-top-boxes door-to-door with empty promises of Government reimbursement.   More »

Woolworths enters the mobile phone market

04 Aug 2009 | Woolworths has entered the mobile phone market, offering a new pre-paid service in conjunction with Optus.  More »

Children's snack bars unhealthy

31 Jul 2009 | Children’s snack bars can be as fattening as some chocolate bars, according to new research by Australian parents and a leading nutritionist, who are calling for better food labelling on the snacks.  More »

Phony SMS identity theft scam

23 Nov 2009 | Identity thieves are posing as bank officers to get your personal and financial details via SMS.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

health star rating front of pack food labelling

Food rating website launched

18 Sep 2014 | The George Institute has launched FoodSwitch STARS, a website showing the health star rating for 55,000 packaged supermarket food products, allowing people to check and compare which foods are healthier.  More »

imperfect strawberry

Consumers and farmers to benefit from discount produce

17 Sep 2014 | Harris Farms' new initiative redresses the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fresh and tasty fruit and veg are discarded each year in Australia due to visual imperfections.   More »

person clicks a heart shaped mouse

ACCC cracks down on online dating

16 Sep 2014 | The ACCC is sweeping the internet for online dating sites that have misleading offers and unclear pricing, and for those that lack protections for consumers against scams.  More »


How high can your internet bill go?

12 Sep 2014 | Anti-piracy laws will leave you out of pocket as the internet gets even more expensive.  More »


International Funkaustellung 2014

16 Sep 2014 | We show you what you can expect to see in your local appliance stores in the near - and not so near - future.   More »

a thermomix on a kitchen bench with other all-in-one machines behind it

Angry Thermomix owners in a spin

11 Sep 2014 | Thermomix customers frustrated by the unexpected release of a new model machine.  More »


Apple announces iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

10 Sep 2014 | Apple has finally revealed its new, larger, iPhone models along with an Apple Watch and a new cashless mobile payments system. The announcements, revealed overnight at a special event in Apple’s home town of Cupertino, end months of speculation.  More »


Microsoft, eBay and Google against Australia’s anti-piracy proposals

08 Sep 2014 | The Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which represents many major companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Samsung and Motorola, releases their submission to the Attorney-General’s Department Online Copyright Infringement consultation.  More »

dodgy man

ACCC takes alleged pyramid scheme Lyoness to court

08 Sep 2014 | The ACCC has taken action against Lyoness, a company it alleges is operating as a pyramid scheme.  More »

logos of major financial comparison sites

Inquiry exposes divided views over insurance comparison websites

05 Sep 2014 | The insurance industry continues to take a dim view of insurance comparison websites, but ASIC thinks they could serve a good purpose.   More »

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