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Mobility scooters

02 Sep 2010 | Accidents, causing head injuries, fractures and fatality can occur on mobility scooters.  More »


2009 Bloopers

17 Dec 2009 | Some of the best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) highlights from our 2009 CHOICE videos.  More »

Washing machine recall

15 Dec 2009 | See the list of washing machines that are being recalled.  More »


Maclaren stroller recall in USA

10 Nov 2009 | The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall of Maclaren strollers, due to the stroller’s hinge mechanism posing a fingertip amputation and laceration hazard to a child when the stroller is being unfolded.  More »

Costco opens in Australia

17 Jul 2009 | Thousands of shoppers were up early to throng the store, about three times the size of a large supermarket, to check out the hype of low prices and unusual product offerings such as grandfather clocks, diamond rings and king crab legs from Russia.  More »

Queensland bans energy inefficient air conditioners

03 Jul 2009 | The Queensland government has introduced a ban on the sale and installation of air-conditioning units that fail to achieve an energy efficiency ratio of 2.9 or higher – equivalent to a four-star energy rating – beginning September this year.  More »

Beware digital gold diggers

06 Nov 2009 | Unscrupulous types are selling over-priced set-top-boxes door-to-door with empty promises of Government reimbursement.   More »

Woolworths enters the mobile phone market

04 Aug 2009 | Woolworths has entered the mobile phone market, offering a new pre-paid service in conjunction with Optus.  More »

Children's snack bars unhealthy

31 Jul 2009 | Children’s snack bars can be as fattening as some chocolate bars, according to new research by Australian parents and a leading nutritionist, who are calling for better food labelling on the snacks.  More »

Phony SMS identity theft scam

23 Nov 2009 | Identity thieves are posing as bank officers to get your personal and financial details via SMS.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

dodgy man

ACCC takes alleged pyramid scheme Lyoness to court

01 Sep 2014 | The ACCC has taken action against Lyoness, a company it alleges is operating as a pyramid scheme.  More »


WHO releases report on e-cigarettes

29 Aug 2014 | The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a report on e-cigarettes, recommending restrictions should be placed on the marketing of the devices, their sale to minors and indoor use.  More »

piggy bank and a power cord

Energy retailers fail the hardship test

27 Aug 2014 | A new report by the Financial and Consumer Rights Council ranks energy retailers for financial hardship practices.  More »


Time to fix financial advice

26 Aug 2014 | In our submission to the Financial System Inquiry, CHOICE is calling for a ban on conflicted advice and for the regulator to be given additional powers to protect consumers.   More »

Pack some peace of mind logo

Governments launch advertising blitz on travel industry changes

25 Aug 2014 | Government ad campaign aims to inform consumers about travel industry deregulation.  More »

person lifts petrol pump off rack

ACCC takes legal action on petrol price sharing

21 Aug 2014 | The ACCC is taking legal action against five petrol retailers for the way they shared and received price information through Informed Sources.  More »

dollar coins for Telstra bills

Telcos face class action over late payment fees

20 Aug 2014 | Telco customers set to benefit from class action against Telstra, Optus, Vodafone for charging late payment fees.  More »

Shonkys Carousel_Small

Nominate a shonky

20 Aug 2014 | CHOICE is calling for entries in the 2014 Shonky Awards, the annual awards program that names and shames Australia’s worst products and services in a bid to get businesses to lift their game.   More »


Rebuild costs double home insurance values

21 Aug 2014 | How much should you insure your home for? A Consumer NZ investigation has disturbing implications for Australian home owners.  More »


Maggie Beer labels mislead on provenance

20 Aug 2014 | The ACCC says the labelling of several Maggie Beer products including ice cream, red wine vinegar and olive oil, may mislead consumers into believing they're made in the Barossa Valley.  More »

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