Six tips to get more from CHOICE Online

With so much information available on the CHOICE website, we felt these six handy tips would help you get more from your CHOICE online experience.

Video: Sign in to access all CHOICE reports

Some online content is available only to CHOICE members. Make signing in the first step you do when you visit CHOICE to have unlimited access to online content. Your user name is your full email address.

Video: Use 'My Profile' to keep your member details up to date

Keeping your contact details up-to-date helps us connect you with the most relevant CHOICE information for your needs and interests. Log in to edit your email and postal address, payment details and product interests.

Video: How to read a CHOICE report

CHOICE reports contain information in the form of tables. Learn how to read and manipulate the data for easy comparisons.

Video: CHOICE Shopper and Compare Prices

CHOICE Shopper and CHOICE Compare Prices are two services members can use to save time and money.

Video: How to ask a question or make a comment on a CHOICE report

Join the conversation by asking questions and leaving comments on reports. Engage with our CHOICE experts and other CHOICE members.

Video: Navigate easily to the content you want

Get to the content you want quickly with these handy CHOICE search tips.

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