Bike light

Bike light reviews

We've tested more than 100 bike light models, including brands such as Cateye, NiteRider and Lezyne.

5 May 2014 | Find out which of 109 bike lights, priced from $15 to $350, we recommend, based on their visibility, durability and ease of fitting and removing them.

Biofuels and E10

E10 state of play

CHOICE looks at the pros and cons of biofuels such as ethanol.

18 Oct 2010 | Biofuels such as E10 are meant to have environmental benefits, but are there hidden costs?


Bike accessory reviews

See our round-up and recommendations for all the hottest accessories, including lights, locks, baskets, racks and floor pumps.

7 Aug 2010 | CHOICE joins forces with our friends at Bicycle Victoria to give you the bike riding essentials.

Bio Fuel Lead

Petrol and the alternatives

There are ways you can lighten the cost of fuel for both you and the environment.

9 Dec 2008 | Your choice of car and fuel and your behaviour affect the environment and your wallet. You can make some decent changes with what's already available.

Green car illustration

Green vehicle guide online

A government website rates environmental impact and lets you pick the greenest model.

23 May 2008 | The guide gives each model an overall star rating: the more stars, the lower the environmental impact.

Two people on bikes

Getting around on a bike

Cycling is booming in Australia — not just for recreation but for transport.

29 Feb 2008 | Cycling for transport is on the increase. CHOICE tells you how to find your way around, and keep safe on the roads.

Mini folding bike

Mini folding bike quick review

This A-bike may have a clever design, but our testers considered it a B-grade ride.

2 Jan 2008 | At first glance, this mini aluminium folding bike seems like a great alternative to a scooter

Car in garage

Converting your car to LPG

Worried about rising fuel prices? Switching to LPG may be a way out - especially with the new rebate

15 Sep 2006 | Currently, there are about 500,000 vehicles on our roads that run with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) — that’s about 5% of all cars.

Green cars

Green car ratings reveal best and worst

Choosing the greenest model that meets your needs is good for the environment and your wallet.

28 Jul 2006 | By taking the green rating into account when buying a new car, you can reduce your impact on the environment and save on your fuel costs.


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