Green recycle key on a keyboard

Recycle old computers

e-waste recycling is vital in preventing toxic materials in old electronic equipment from leaching into the environment. Here's how you can do your bit to help.

1 May 2013 | We look at the environmental impacts of improperly disposing of old electronic equipment, how you can make "greener" purchasing decisions and where you can take your devices to be recycled or refurbished.

Piggy bank floating in water

Water saving home guide

Making your home water-efficient needn’t cost a fortune. You can do a lot with a few dollars, and even more with a few hundred.

14 Feb 2013 | While we may have experienced plenty of rain during the summer just past, there are still plenty of environmental and cost advantages to saving water.

Image of the earth

Five ways to reduce your household's energy use

Help the environment by choosing more energy efficient products and changing your behaviour.

6 Jun 2011 | This guide covers enegry efficent appliances, transport options, water usage and more.

Household waste

Managing your household waste

A staggering 24 million tonnes of waste material goes into Australian landfill each year. You can help reduce that figure.

14 Apr 2011 | Reducing household waste can be as easy as altering household disposal systems. CHOICE shows you some ways to make your home greener.

Online swapping

Second-hand shopping online

CHOICE explores risks of shopping and swapping second-hand items online.

14 Sep 2009 | Despite the credit crunch, the second-hand trading market is booming as bargain-hunters turn to buying quality second-hand items online, from the latest plasma screens to designer togs.

Rain water tanks next to house

Rainwater tanks buying guide

It’s time we stopped wasting precious drinking water on the garden and for toilet-flushing.

1 Jul 2008 | Australia is the driest inhabited continent and predictions are that the future is likely to get hotter and drier.


Guide to greywater systems

We take you through greywater options, from simple diversion to 'Class A' treatment systems.

2 Jan 2008 | Recycling greywater is one way of saving water: after all, you don’t need drinking-quality water to water the garden or flush the toilet.


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