Inside of fridge

Fridge and freezer buying guide

Side by side or upside down? Find the right fridge and freezer for your needs.

10 Mar 2011 | There are big variations in temperature uniformity, efficiency, noise and running costs.


Ecoswitch quick review

Cheap and simple, this energy-efficient power switch controls many appliances at once.

31 Jan 2011 | This simple switch can save power around the home by turning off several electrical appliances at once.


What you need to know about washing machines

Here are five things you need to know about your washing machine.

8 Oct 2010 | Martha Psiroukis reveals the surprising truth about efficiency ratings, temperature, detergent amounts and fabric softener.

LG Fridge

LG offers full refund

LG compensates consumers for greenwashing

18 Mar 2010 | This major fridge manufacturer claims the GC-L197NFS’s and GC-P197WFS annual energy consumption is 738kWh but CHOICE tests revealed it uses about 876kWh when bypassing the energy-saving mode.

Home Insulation

Home Insulation Buying Guide

The government's home insulation bungle has demonstrated the importance of knowing what's what.

4 Feb 2010 | We run through the options for insulating your home.

Fridges with energy rating labels

Energy rating label

Check the label - your choice can influence your energy bill for years.

8 Jan 2008 | Choosing an energy-efficient model will save you money. And because most electricity generation produces greenhouse gases, it’s better for the environment too.

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