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04.Frequently asked questions

What is the aim of the Take the Power Back campaign?

Over the last four years, electricity bills have increased around 50% nationally, and the single biggest factor has been multi-billion dollar infrastructure costs.

CHOICE’s Take the Power Back campaign aims to give consumers a voice in this debate by communicating directly with Australia’s energy ministers about the need for reform.

We are calling for reforms to:

  • Make sure that networks are as cost-effective as possible by strengthening the Australian Energy Regulator and changing the incentives for networks.
  • Change the energy market to make reducing energy bills our first priority, with a major focus on saving energy and reducing peak demand.
  • Give consumers a stronger voice in the way that the energy market is designed and operated.

Why is CHOICE asking consumers to email politicians?

The rules that govern our multi-billion dollar energy infrastructure are complex, and no single government is responsible. Because of this, change is slow to come, even when prices are fast to rise.

CHOICE’s Take the Power Back campaign is about cutting through this complexity by asking consumers to communicate directly with their state and federal energy ministers about the need for reform.

Many campaigns successfully use tools that ask supporters to communicate directly with decision-makers. Importantly, Take the Power Back is not a party-political campaign – it is about the need for action from all our governments – and we ask that supporters are respectful when they email politicians.

Who is Do Gooder?

Do Gooder is an online platform for campaigning, created by a company called Digital Eskimo, and a separate party to CHOICE. We are using Do Gooder to spread the message about Take the Power Back as effectively as we can.

Does this mean you support all of Do Gooder’s campaigns?

No, Take the Power Back is a CHOICE campaign and we are using Do Gooder’s online campaigning tools.

What happens when I sign the petition?

When you sign the petition, it sends an email to your state or territory and federal energy ministers. While supporters are able to customise the email, we ask that you are respectful when emailing politicians about the campaign.

What will happen to my personal details if I sign the petition?

You will only be contacted by Do Gooder if you choose to receive further updates from them when you sign the petition. You can also check out their privacy policy. Similarly, you will only be contacted by CHOICE if you choose to hear more from us when you sign the petition or you have already signed up as a CHOICE campaign supporter or member.


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