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Consumers shouldn't pay more to pollute less so big business can pay less to pollute more.
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  • Updated:10 Mar 2009

07.What you're saying

Working in local government council environmental education, it is my job and joy to encourage folks and school children to do their part and reduce their carbon footprint. I have been doing this myself for years, even paying more for my power so it could come from renewable sources and it is infuriating and insulting to us all as members of the conscious caring public to allow Big Business and Industry to continue pollute on account of our efforts.

I was paying GreenPower and when I knew this information I withdrew from the plan because I knew it was just a token gesture; get real or get out!

When this Government was elected I thought you would be better for the environment than the Liberals. It appears you are sucking up to big business in the same manner.

I'm a Greenpower producer. I've put 5MWh back onto the grid and will continue to generate more. But I wonder why I bother when the CPRS means that my efforts and expense are in vain. I'm just making it easier for aluminium smelters to reach your paltry target.

The increases in energy costs as a result of the trading scheme will be paid indirectly by the consumers. It seems entirely counter-productive to create a feedback loop in the cycle in which both costs and consumption remain static. The biggest single factor driving the sustainable energy industry is consumer pressure, and this measure will effectively take it out of the equation.

We need your leadership. I voted for Labor for many reasons, one of them because I hoped for leadership instead of politics as usual. Those of us who have followed the emerging concensus of climate scientists for many years do not underestimate the dilemmas that the government faces, but the climate emergency demands extraordinary qualities of leadership.

If your current proposal goes through, I will stop making additional payments for green energy because they will have zero impact on the amount of investment in green power. Voluntary payments should not be counted towards the mandatory target because the extra investment that is made towards green power above and beyond the mandatory investment will help speed Australia towards its target because of greater investment. Removing all of this extra voluntary funding will slow down Australia's progress towards the target in return for minimal industry savings.


With the legislation as it's currently proposed, we would probably cancel our GreenPower subscription. That would be a shame.

It's time for the government to get real about greenhouse gas reduction. Pull your finger out or lose votes at the next election!

I make daily decisions to reduce my carbon footprint, and I find it frustrating and offensive that big polluters are getting a free ride. How about introducing some INCENTIVES for them to plan for the future, find more efficient ways of operating, and reduce their carbon footprint over time? The longer we put it off, the harder it will be, and the less chance we have of a worthwhile outcome. Setting low targets assumes climate change will wait for us - it won't! At the same time, greenpower industries need support to get up and running, and in time may absorb some of the jobs lost in the high-polluting industries.
supplementary submission

I do not believe the current mandatory target goes far enough and feel that the actions that my children and I are taking in our home should be in addition to those targets.

We need REAL action NOW on climate change. You need to take notice of the Australian people, and stop making decisions that only benefit the Government and big business.

I was about to purchase Solar Power for my house to feed back into the grid. I am now seriously questioning if I should do this in light of the CPRS unless I get absolute guarantee that my contribution will count.

This is a disgraceful and retrograde step. We will be cancelling our greenpower account and will not (as planned) install a solar hot water system on our roof unless this moronic situation is rectified.

I have a little girl and I would like to have the world a better place for her to live than what the predicted outcome is. Create a better world for our children!

This is a small, but frustrating and significant flaw in this CPRS. Why not empower Australians to make a difference in emissions reductions on this industrial level? Make the change for us, as we have already made changes.

I am gobsmacked to hear about this swindle which is the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. Please take steps immediately to account for all GreenPower purchases as additional to the mandatory target. All voluntary action taken by Australian households should be additional to the target.

The Government has already taken a 'softly, softly' approach with Australia's largest polluters and under the proposed scheme they will still be able to purchase carbon credits generated by me - a single parent, low income householder who is making every possible effort to reduce my own emissions! The Government should be pushing industry to get serious about urgently reducing emissions, not finding ever increasing loopholes and compensation to get them off the hook.

Households taking initiatives to cut their GHG emissions expect this effort -- ALL this effort -- to count towards reducing Australia's emissions overall -- of course. We request simple changes to fix the problem, otherwise we have been conned, haven't we ... the Government needs to ensure that voluntary actions to reduce emissions do more than just fulfilling the mandatory targets -- as we (consumers) intended.

As with water individuals do their bit to conserve water, so should companies and this needs to be reflected in legislation and not rely on voluntary measures.

Paying extra for 100% green power is something I consider worth it to support renewable and sustainable energy production in Australia. Having my purchase effectively give a free pass to energy companies to pollute more is a serious disincentive, especially combined with the changes to Solar Power credits. Don't punish individuals for taking greener options by rewarding companies with permission to pollute more.

I voted for your government because I really believed you would make courageous decisions to prevent human climate change. I am extremely disappointed and feel decieved.

I have a solar hot water system, water tanks, recycle and do my bit. I was ready to purchase GreenPower but am now reluctant due to this information. Please review the current CPRS. Average citizens will not continue with environmentally friendly practices if they amount to nothing.

Please listen to the people, not the big corporations when setting climate change policy. It is our country, not theirs.

Individuals already feel that climate change is too large a problem and that changes they make will not make much difference to the current situation. The government needs to do all it can to empower individuals and households so that people feel like their actions count.

I can't believe that the government is letting this scheme act in this way. This is not promoting people to take small green steps. These small steps all add up. However it is extremly disheartening when the scheme of your own government counteracts your hardwork. Please amend the scheme so that we don't regret it and mopping up this mess for decades to come.



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