GreenPower: keep it real

Consumers shouldn't pay more to pollute less so big business can pay less to pollute more.
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  • Updated:10 Mar 2009

04.Sign our online petition

What you can do

We are continuing to take your concerns to the highest levels, but we need your help. Your continued backing sends a persistent message to the government on just how important this issue is to you.

  • Sign our petition and send an email to Minister Wong.
  • See our collaboration on voluntary action - CHOICE with the Australian Conservation Foundation, WWF Australia, Total Environmental Centre and others are working together to press government to lead on this issue.
  • Tell your friends and family about the challenge of GreenPower and voluntary action. Ask them to sign the campaign. The government are starting to think that you voluntary action is a non-issue, let show them that it's not!
  • Write a letter to your local member and tell them about your concerns - they will vote on it later this year in parliament, so now is the time to say something.
  • Read our editorial on GreenPower in The Punch - then send it to your friends, and/or make a comment.
  • Listen to our podcast on GreenPower at CHOICE Radio - then send it to your friends.


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