When things go wrong

How can consumers' complaints be fairly resolved?

19 Feb 2010 | There will always be cases where consumers are aggrieved or exploited. Consumers expect to be able to have their complaints fairly resolved, and that systematic abuses of their rights will be deterred.


Smart choices

Are there many barriers to making smart choices?

19 Feb 2010 | The cost of getting information, exploitation of behavioural biases, unhelpful or misleading advertising, badly designed products and unnecessary complexity. What is the best response by policy makers?


Get involved in making consumer policy

Join the discussion of the key challenges for the National Consumer Summit

19 Feb 2010 | Join our discussion ahead of the National Consumer Summit on 15-16 March.


Getting policy development right

Policy making should promote consumer welfare

19 Feb 2010 | Consumer welfare is the ultimate objective of consumer policy. But is the consumer interest truly at the heart of policy development?


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