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04.Shame the Claim

Shame the Claim has now closed. CHOICE has hung the worst offenders on the Wall of Shame.

What is Shame the Claim?

Shame the Claim is part of CHOICE’s Campaign for Better Food Labelling.

We’re putting the spotlight on food labels that carry dodgy nutrition claims and make it difficult for consumers to choose healthy products. Claims such as ‘99% fat free,’ ‘low in sugar’ and ‘high in fibre’ don't always show the full picture about how healthy – or unhealthy – the food really is. To find out more about nutrition claims, including further examples, see What is a nutrition claim?

Be part of Shame the Claim by sending us photos and details of any food products you think make dodgy nutrition or health claims. If you’re not sure how healthy a product is, you can apply the traffic light criteria below to the details in the product’s nutrition information panel. Of course, if you’re still not sure, CHOICE’s experts can do the analysis for you!


You can also use the Obesity Policy Coalition’s Traffic Light Food Tracker

What is a nutrition claim?

Pork-Crackles Food labels are often smothered in claims about nutritional benefits, along with other consumer concerns such as environmental, animal welfare and fair trade issues.

CHOICE’s Shame the Claim consumer action is targeting dodgy nutrition claims – or, more specifically, nutrition and nutrient content claims. Manufacturers and marketers know health sells and that such claims influence consumers purchasing decisions, so they often use them selectively to make products appear healthier than they really are.

We’ve put together a list of some of the more common nutrition and nutrient content claims so you know what to look out for.

The key is to be careful when you see these claims – be aware that they don’t always tell the full story. Refer to per-100g values on the nutrition information panel for the complete picture. And if the numbers are not matching up to the claims, jump in and Shame the Claim.

Common nutrition and nutrient claims

Low joule
No added sugar
Reduced fat
Low fat
Cholesterol free
Low salt
Salt reduced
Omega fatty acids
Good source of … (vitamins and minerals)
Source of … (vitamins and minerals)
High in protein
High in carbohydrate
Source of fibre
High fibre


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