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Some banks impose unfair or even unlawful fees on their customers, but you don't have to blindly accept them. Fight back!
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  • Updated:23 Apr 2010

01 .Introduction


"SCAM ALERT! Scammers are falsely using Consumer Action's name to obtain money and banking details from their victims."

Banks, credit unions and building societies charge fees of up to $40 when consumers exceed their credit limit, pay their credit cards one day late or fail to have sufficient funds in their account when a direct payment is due. While banks have modifed their terms and conditions, possibly as a result of publicity given to the issue by CHOICE, there is still a long way to go.

These fees are unfair:

  • The amount of these fees bears no relation to the cost incurred by the financial institution as a result of the consumers default. For this reason they may be unlawful as well as unfair.
  • Banks could easily help consumers to avoid fees but choose not to. They could offer credit cards which can’t go over the limit, or they could warn consumers that a payment is due but there are not enough funds in the account.

Bank income from fees is increasing rapidly. Some fees are legitimate, but others are nothing short of price gouging. The time has come for banks to get rid of some fees and make others fairer.

CHOICE published its first review of bank penalty fees in 2005, following a Consumer Action report into unfair bank penalty fees in December 2004.

In the UK hundreds of thousands of consumers (some say more than a million) have demanded that their bank repay unfair fees. The UK Office of Fair Trading has imposed limits on fees and is holding an ongoing investigation.

Now it’s time for action in Australia!

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What we want

Banks and other financial institutions should:

  • Eliminate inward cheque dishonour fees.
  • Introduce systems to provide a greater range of options and real-time information to consumers where there are insufficient funds to make a due payment. These might include simply declining payments without charging a fee, an automated system to notify consumers by email or text message (or perhaps for concession card holders without electronic facilities, by phone), or by automated message via the ATM or EFTPOS system, before the payment is processed.
  • Adopt one of the following responses to credit card over-the-limit and account overdrawn honour fees:
    • eliminate the fees altogether (we note that credit cards operated successfully in Australia for some 20 years without such fees)
    • offer consumers a choice between declining transactions (at no cost), or charging a reasonable fee no more than the actual cost to the bank or say 2-3% of the amount by which the consumer has exceeded the limit/overdrawn their account, whichever is lower.
    • Ensure that all other penalty fees are limited to the actual costs incurred by the institution.

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    Financial institutions in Australia are charging millions of dollars in unfair penalty fees each year and we think consumers stand a good chance of getting their fees repaid if they challenge them.

    We understand challenging your bank, credit union or building society can seem daunting so we’ve provided a tool kit to help you. It includes a template letter that you can download, adapt and send.

    Please note, the information in our guide is general in nature and is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice. Neither CHOICE nor Consumer Action Law Centre accepts any liability for any action based on any or all of the information in this tool kit or for any loss suffered as a result of reliance on this information. We have, however, made every effort to ensure the information is correct at the time of writing. Our guide only applies to consumers in Australia.

    Good luck! Please let us know how you go – send an email to campaigns@choice.com.au to give us feedback.

    Tool kit for reclaiming unfair penalty fees

    1. Add up your claim
    2. Make a complaint by phone
    3. Send a letter
    4. Other options if your complaint is unsuccessful

    1. Add up your claim

    • You can challenge the following unfair penalty or default fees that you’ve paid (including any on accounts you’ve since closed) up to a maximum of three or six years depending on what state you reside:
      • Periodic payment and direct debit dishonour fees
      • Cheque dishonour fees
      • Overdrawn account (honour) fees
      • Deposited (inward) cheque dishonour fees
      • Credit card late payment fees
      • Credit card over-the-limit fees
      • Check your statements and add up the costs. You won’t need to set out each fee and the date it was charged in any letter you send, but you need to be prepared in case you’re asked to demonstrate how you calculated the amount you’re claiming.
      • To avoid unnecessary document copying fees, you could consider limiting your claim to penalty fees which you already have proof of. If you’re successful, then ask your financial institution for copies of old statements to check if you were charged any other penalty fees.
      • If you want to look further you can ask your financial institution to provide you with copies of old statements but you may be charged a fee. The copies should be provided within a reasonable timeframe (30 days for credit card and bank account statements)

      2. Make a complaint by phone

      The first step in trying to reclaim your fees is to make an official complaint phone call to your financial institution. A strong phone call in which you state your experiences can be very effective, and sometimes more effective than a letter. If you are unsure of what to say, you can download our telephone "cheat sheet". However, you should lawalways make a note of the conversation, including the date and time, person you spoke to and ask for a reference number for the call. Below are the numbers for the Big Four.

      ANZ - 13 13 14
      Commonwealth Bank - 13 22 21
      Westpac - 1300 130 467
      NAB - 13 22 65

      Telephone cheat sheet (pdf)

      • Click here  to download our tips for making a telephone complaint to your bank, credit union or building society.

      For bank customers, your bank's contact details can be found here. For credit union and building society members, you'll find contact details here.

      If your bank, credit union or building society doesn’t deal with your call as you’d like, or tries to put you off taking your complaint further, go to step 3 and send a letter or go to step 4 and make a complaint to the Ombudsman.

      3. Send a letter

      You may prefer to send a letter to your financial institution if you’re not comfortable making your case over the telephone.

      You will also need to send a letter if your financial institution doesn’t provide an acceptable response to your telephone complaint.

      Download our template complaint letter, fill in the details of your claim and send it to your financial institution. For bank customers, your bank's contact details can be found here. For credit union and building society members, you'll find contact details here

      Template letter (Word format)

      The banks have a number of standard responses they use to justify their fees (see But the bank says… ). We think they’re wrong and we’re putting pressure on the Government to enforce the law.

      If your letter is unsuccessful in reclaiming fees, see below.

      4. Other options if your claim is not successful

      • Join the class action against banks to reclaim all the unfiar fees you've paid over the years.
      • Some banks and credit unions may only offer to refund part of the penalty fees you've claimed, say the last six months. It's up to you whether you are happy with that offer, but remember it is only an offer and you also have the choice of continuing to demand a full refund of penalty fees you have been charged over the past six years (or three years if you're in the Northern Territory). Banks must generally resolve your dispute within 21 days, unless they let you know they need more time. In any case, they should complete their investigation within 45 days. If they can’t, they must tell you why they can’t, give you monthly updates and give you a date when they think they’ll be able to resolve your dispute.
      • Credit unions and building societies don’t have to meet these specific timeframes, but they should still respond to your complaint within a reasonable time.
      • If your bank, credit union or building society doesn’t provide you with copies of old account statements, refuses to refund any penalty fees it has charged you, or makes you an offer that you’re not happy with, you can take your complaint further by either:
        • complaining to the Ombudsman (a free service)
        • taking legal action in a court/tribunal in your home state or territory

        Complaining to the Ombudsman

        Consumers with unresolved grievances with banks, insurance companies and/or other financial service providers now have a free one-stop shop for complaints, following changes to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) terms of reference in January 2010. The FOS is the amalgamation of several previous complaints schemes.

        See all the details here about the Financial Ombudsman Service.

        Legal Action

        Taking your claim to a court or tribunal involves taking formal legal action against your financial institution but this won’t necessarily be expensive. In many states and territories you’ll be able to start legal action in the small claims or consumer tribunal, which have much quicker processes and are less expensive forums than a court. Here  is a list of tribunals.

        However, there are several issues that you need to be aware of before launching legal action, including:

        • There is a risk that if you lose your case you might be ordered to pay your financial institution’s legal costs (which could be quite high).
        • Even if you win your bank could appeal the decision to a higher court, which means higher legal costs (for you and them) to continue fighting the case.

        Whether to take legal action will depend on the individual circumstances of your case. If you're considering taking legal action, we strongly advise you to seek legal advice in your state or territory first.

        Consumer Action Law Centre also has a fact sheet on taking your dispute to VCAT (the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) that Victorian consumers can download from the Consumer Action website.

        You might also want to join the class action against unfair bank fees.

        Fair go on fees hyperlink

        Many consumers have contacted us, saying their bank has contested the points raised by our campaign, particularly that the penalty fees are unfair and unlawful. So we’ve put together some answers to the banks common statements for those consumers who wish to pursue their financial institution further.

        So how do you respond when the bank says…

        1. “The case law relied upon by the fair fees campaign states fees can be charged provided they are not unconscionable or extravagant. Our bank fees are in line with industry practice and are reasonable.”

        Just because the whole industry charges extravagant fees, this does not mean they are reasonable. This just indicates the lack of competition among institutions charging these types of fees.

        2. “The amount of the fees and the circumstances in which they were charged were fully disclosed upfront.”

        Whether fees are disclosed upfront or not has nothing to do with whether they are considered a penalty. Disclosure does not excuse unlawful conduct.

        3.“The fair fees campaign relates to an overseas court case, and it is not relevant to Australia.”

        It is incorrect to say that our unfair fees campaign relates solely to overseas court cases. The case law that is discussed in the Unfair Fees Report is Australian law.

        The UK regulator, the Office of Fair Trading, ran a test case against a number of banks and financial institutions in the High Court of England and Wales in relation to unauthorised overdraft fees. The Court found that the fees were not penalties in the context of the contracts with the banks. The banks appealed one issue to the UK Supreme Court which also found in favour of the banks under the English unfair contracts terms legislation, which is similar but not identical to the Australian law.

        4. “The fees were not charged because of defaults, but because there were insufficient cleared funds in your account. This is not a default or breach of your contract”

        Recent case law is very unclear on this question and the New South Wales Court of Appeal has indicated that that the matter may not be settled until the High Court has an opportnity to decide on it (Interstar Wholesale Finance Pty Ltd & Anor v Integral Home Loans Pty Ltd (2008) 257 ALR 292, per Allsop J.). Some decisions indicate that even if the conduct that gives rise to the fee is within the contract (and therefore not technically a breach), the limit on penalty fees may still apply (eg Ringrow Pty Ltd v BP Australia Pty Ltd (2005) 224 CLR 656).

        5. “The fees were charged in accordance with the terms of your account, and are therefore valid and lawful. They are merely fees for service.”

        As outlined above, this point is not settled. However, it is likely that the court would look to the substance of the matter, not the form of the contractual terms. Though a term may require payment as a “fee for service”, if it relates to non-compliance of an obligation of one party, and it is out of all proportion and unrelated to the loss suffered by the other party, then it is likely to be a penalty and unenforceable.

        6. "The High Court of England and Wales and the UK Supreme Court have confirmed that the fees are not charged for defaults but are merely fees for service, and are not covered by unfair contracts legislation."

        While these decisions can be argued to support the case that the bank fees are not penalties, they do not apply directly as precedent in Australia and they are based on the contracts and arrangements in the UK, not Australia.

        7. “Customers should check their account status before making a transaction.”

        Consumers should point out to banks the difficulties in checking account status before making a transaction. This is particularly true in relation to periodical direct debits, when a consumer does not know what time of day the payment will be debited.

        Consumers should ask their bank or financial institution to introducing systems to provide a greater range of options and real-time information to consumers where there are insufficient funds to make a due payment. These might include simply declining payments without charging a fee, an automated system to notify consumers by email or text message (or perhaps for concession card holders without electronic facilities, by phone), or by automated message via the ATM or EFTPOS system, before the payment is processed.

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        Do you have an unfair bank fee story? Email us!

        Irina, NSW

        Irina was charged penalty fees by ANZ after inadvertently overdrawing her account on 3 occasions. The transactions left her account $1.87 in overdraft and each time the bank charged her $35. Irina contacted the bank by phone and they agreed to refund $35 (one fee) but not the rest. Irina sent the ‘fair go on fees’ template letter to ANZ to reclaim the remaining $70 in penalty fees. Initially the bank rejected her claim, but after sending a follow-up email the bank agreed to refund $70 as ‘a gesture of goodwill’. ANZ have warned Irina she will be charged these fees in the future.

        Christine, WA

        Christine sent the ‘Fair go on fees’ template letter to her bank after discovering penalty fees totaling $195.00. Shortly afterward she received a call from the bank advising they had agreed to refund the $195.00 and offered the opportunity for her to go into a local branch and speak to the manager about the fees.

        Margaret, NSW

         “Thought I would let you know that I was not successful, although I am glad to hear that some others are” Margaret said when writing to CHOICE “It is the small person who is already stretched to the limit that is most affected by these fees and I hope that through your persistence and others including governments, the banking industry can stop penalising us for having to use the bank for all our financial transactions. I am sure that most people do not intentionally get themselves into a situation where their account is overdrawn by a direct debit, it is usually a mistake or a genuine need”.

        Kam, VIC

        Kam was successful in reclaiming $80 in penalty fees from his bank. After noticing two penalty fees on a recent credit card statement, he downloaded the letter from www.fairfees.com.au and sent it off to Citibank. Thirty minutes later he received a call from the bank and he had $80 back in his account.

        Bruno, VIC

        Bruno was charged a penalty fee of $30 because his account went into overdraft as a result of a direct debit. The account was in overdraft for less than 24 hours. After seeing details of the ‘Fair go on fees’ campaign on television he contacted his bank, and got his money refunded.

        Garry, QLD

        Garry left $40.35 in his ANZ account for an insurance direct debit which was $38.55 , but the monthly insurance went up a couple of dollars to $41.65 which he was unaware of. This meant when the direct debit was made he was $1.35 short and was charged an overlimit fee of $35. “I am not mad that I have been charged a fee but I am mad at the amount” Garry said. After complaining to the bank Garry had the fee reversed.

        Tell your story

        Do you have an unfair bank fee story? Email us!
        'Fair go on fees' is a joint campaign by Consumer Action Law Centre and CHOICE to end unfair bank penalty fees.

        The application fees and maximum claims vary from state to state. The contact details for each state and territory are given below. Most organisations charge an application fee and a maximum claim amount is likely to apply. Contact your organisation for details.

        Australian Capital Territory

        Small Claims Court
        Ground Floor
        ACT Magistrates Court Building
        Knowles Place, Canberra City 2600
        GPO Box 370
        Canberra ACT 2601
        Phone: (02) 6217 4274
        Fax: (02) 6217 4506
        Website: www.courts.act.gov.au/magistrates/index.html

        New South Wales

        Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal
        Level 12
        175 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000
        GPO Box 4005
        Sydney 2001
        Phone: 1300 135 399
        Fax: 1300 135 247
        Website: www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/cttt.html

        Northern Territory

        Local Court Small Claims Division
        Cnr Cavanagh and Bennett Streets
        Darwin 0800
        GPO Box 1281
        Darwin 0801
        Phone: (08) 8999 6225
        Fax: (08) 8999 7666
        Website: www.nt.gov.au/justice/ntmc/small_claims.shtml


        Small Claims Tribunal
        Brisbane Magistrates Court
        363 George Street
        Brisbane 4000
        Phone: (07) 3247 4578
        Fax: (07) 3247 5555
        Website: www.justice.qld.gov.au/courts/factsht/C05SmallClaims.htm

        South Australia

        Magistrate's Court
        Civil (Minor Claims) jurisdiction
        260-280 Victoria Square
        Adelaide 5000
        Phone: (08) 8204 2444
        Fax: (08) 8204 0670
        Website: www.courts.sa.gov.au/courts/magistrates/index.html


        Magistrates Court
        Civil Division
        23-25 Liverpool Street
        Hobart 7000
        GPO Box 354
        Hobart 7001
        Phone: (03) 6233 3623
        Fax: (03) 6233 5068
        Website: www.magistratescourt.tas.gov.au/divisions/civil


        Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
        Civil Claims List
        55 King Street
        Melbourne 3000
        GPO Box 5408 CC
        Melbourne 3001
        Phone: (03) 9628 9830 or 1800 133 055
        Fax: (03) 9268 9988
        Email: vcat@vcat.vic.gov.au
        Website: www.vcat.vic.gov.au

        Western Australia

        Magistrates Court
        Civil Registry
        May Holman Centre
        Level 3, 32 St Georges Terrace
        Perth 6000
        Phone: (08) 9425 2222
        Fax: (08) 9421 1075
        Website: www.magistratescourt.wa.gov.au

        'Fair go on fees' is a joint campaign by Consumer Action Law Centre and CHOICE to end unfair bank penalty fees.


        06.Credit unions and bulding societies


        Credit unions


        Alliance One Credit Union Limited (08) 8645 0200
        AMP Employees' & Agents' Credit Union Limited 1800 802 977
        Austral Credit Union Limited 1300 365 775
        Australian Central Credit Union Limited 13 13 21
        Australian Defence Credit Union Limited 1300 13 23 28
        AWA Credit Union Limited (03) 5245 1739


        Bankstown City Credit Union Ltd (02) 9707 6000
        Bananacoast Community Credit Union Ltd (02) 6560 7407
        Broadway Credit Union Ltd (02) 9282 6000
        Berrima District Credit Union Ltd (02) 4860 4000
        Big Sky Credit Union Ltd 1300 654 321
        Blue Mountains & Riverlands Community Credit Union Ltd (02) 4751 1311
        The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd (08) 8088 2199


        Calare Credit Union Ltd (02) 6362 2944
        Cairns Penny Bank Limited (07) 40314460
        Capital Credit Union Limited (02) 9748 6077
        Capricornia Credit Union Limited (07) 4931 4970
        Central Murray Credit Union Limited (03) 5744 3713
        Central West Credit Union Limited 1300 36 76 56
        Circle Credit Co-Operative Limited 1300 553 582
        Coastline Credit Union Ltd 1300 36 1066
        Community Alliance Credit Union Limited 13 22 49
        Community CPS Australia Limited 13 25 85
        Community First Credit Union Limited 1300 13 22 77
        Companion Credit Union Limited 131 609
        Comtax Credit Union Limited 1300 266 829
        Connect Credit Union 13 2204
        Country First Credit Union Ltd 1800 043 313
        Credit Union Australia Limited 133 282
        Croatian Community Credit Union Ltd (03) 9482 2604
        CSR and Rinker Employees Credit Union Limited (02) 9964 1280


        Defence Force Credit Union Limited 1300 139 220
        Discovery Credit Union Ltd (07) 3282 1811
        Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd (03) 9375 1222


        Family First Credit Union Limited (02) 6352 2899
        Fire Brigades Employees' Credit Union Limited 1800 800 225
        Fire Service Credit Union Limited (08) 8204 3604
        Firefighters & Affiliates Credit Co-Operative Limited 1300 366 350
        First Nations Australian Credit Union 133 282
        First Option Credit Union Limited 1800 224 004
        First Pacific Credit Union Ltd 1300 364 799
        Fitzroy & Carlton Community Credit Co-Op Limited (03) 9419 4533
        Ford Co-Operative Credit Society Limited 1300 361 555


        Gateway Credit Union Ltd 1300 302 474
        Goldfields Credit Union Limited (08) 9021 6444
        Gosford City Credit Union Ltd (02) 4343 5000
        Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Operative Limited (03) 5821 9033
        Gympie Credit Union (07) 5482 4537


        Heritage Isle Credit Union Ltd (03) 6334 2510
        Hibernian Credit Union Limited 02 9230 3600
        H.M.C. Staff Credit Union Ltd 1300 13 5771
        Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd 1300 365 7 24
        Horizon Credit Union Ltd 1300 366 565
        Hoverla-Ukrainian Credit Co-Operative Ltd (08) 8340 0055
        Hunter Mutual Ltd (02) 6541 1542
        Hunter United Employees Credit Union Ltd (02) 4941 3888


        Industries Mutual Credit Union Limited 1300 655 116
        Intech Credit Union Ltd (02) 9928 2930
        islandstate 1800 224 004


        Karpaty Ukrainian Credit Union Limited (02) 9646 1377


        La Trobe Country Credit Co-Operative Limited (03) 5134 4588
        La Trobe University Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd (03) 9478 8222
        Laboratories Credit Union Limited (02) 9490 8920
        Latvian Australian Credit Co-operative Society Ltd 1300 658 528
        Lysaght Credit Union Ltd (02) 4226 5900


        Macarthur Credit Union Ltd 1800 224 004
        Macaulay Community Credit Co-Operative Limited (03) 9372 1718
        Macquarie Credit Union Limited 1300 885 480
        Maleny and District Community Credit Union Limited (07) 5494 2144
        Manly Warringah Credit Union Limited (02) 9981 8400
        Maritime Workers of Australia Credit Union Ltd 1300 36 2000
        Melbourne University Credit Union Ltd (03) 8344 6846
        Memberfirst Credit Union Limited (02) 9897 1622
        Mcu Limited 132 888


        New England Credit Union Ltd 132 067
        Northern Inland Credit Union Limited 1300 65 65 81
        Nova Credit Union Limited (02) 49261428
        NSW Teachers Credit Union Ltd 13 12 21


        Orana Credit Union Ltd (02) 6889 4786
        Orange Credit Union Limited (02) 6362 4466


        Phoenix (NSW) Credit Union Limited (02) 4967 6922
        Plenty Community Credit Union (03) 9465 1222
        Police & Nurses Credit Society Limited 13 25 77
        Police Association Credit Co-operative Ltd 13 63 73
        Police Credit Union Limited 1300 131 844
        The Police Department Employees' Credit Union Ltd (02) 9287 0889
        Power Credit Union Limited 1300 65 44 77
        Powerstate Credit Union Ltd (08) 8224 1000
        Pulse Credit Union Ltd (03) 9349 5166


        Qantas Staff Credit Union Limited 1300 747 747
        Qld Country Credit Union (07) 4750 3300
        Qld Police Credit Union Limited (07) 3236 2194
        Queensland Professional Credit Union Ltd 1300 139 220
        Queensland Community Credit Union Limited (07) 3870 8764
        Queenslanders Credit Union Limited (07) 3218 7200
        Queensland Teachers' Credit Union Limited 13 29 30


        Railways Credit Union Ltd 1300 362 216
        RegionalOne Credit Union Limited (03) 5443 0000
        Reliance Credit Union Ltd 13 24 40
        Resources Credit Union Limited (02) 9955 6046
        R.T.A. Staff Credit Union Limited (02) 9218 6604


        Savings & Loans Credit Union (S.A.) Ltd 13 11 82
        Satisfac Direct Credit Union Limited 8202 7699
        Security Credit Union Ltd 1300 888 698
        Select Credit Union Limited 1300 13 14 20
        Service One Credit Union Ltd 1300 361 761
        SGE Credit Union Limited 1300 364 400
        Shell Employees' Credit Union Ltd 02 9897 8777
        Shoalhaven Paper Mill Employees' Credit Union Ltd (02) 4421 9511
        Snowy Mountains Credit Union 645 541 48
        Southern Cross Credit Union Ltd 02 6672 2744
        South-West Credit Union Co-Operative Limited (03) 5560 3900
        South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd (02) 6384 1111
        StateWest Credit Society Limited 13 63 13
        St Mary's Swan Hill Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd 5032 2075
        St Patrick's Mentone Co-Op Credit Society Limited The Summerland Credit Union Limited 1300 361 561
        Sutherland Credit Union Ltd 1300 784 388
        Sutherland Shire Council Employees' Credit Union Ltd (02) 9710-0552
        Sydney Credit Union Ltd 13 61 91


        The TAFE and Community Credit Union Limited 1300 780 808
        Tartan Credit Union Limited (02) 9498 9697
        Traditional Credit Union Ltd (08) 8928 0777
        Transcomm Credit Co-operative Limited (03) 9629 4484


        Uni Credit Union Limited 1300 360 841
        United Credit Union Limited 13 16 12
        The University Credit Society Limited (08) 9389 1011


        Victoria Teachers Credit Union Ltd 1300 654 822


        Wagga Credit Union Ltd (02) 6923 4000
        Warwick Credit Union Ltd (07) 4660 5000
        WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited 1300 368 555
        Westax Credit Society Limited (08) 9268 5391
        Western City Credit Union Limited 1300 937 824
        Woolworths/Safeway Employees Credit Co-Op Limited 1300 665 553
        Wyong Council Credit Union Ltd (02) 43505255


        Yennora Credit Union Limited (02) 9681 9642

        Building Societies

        ABS Building Society Ltd (02) 6772 5522
        B&E Ltd 1800 653 326
        Greater Building Society Ltd 1300 651 400
        Heritage Building Society (07) 4690 9000
        Home Building Society Ltd 13 63 13
        Hume Building Society Ltd (02) 6051 3211
        IMB Ltd 13 34 62
        Lifeplan Australia Building Society Limited 1300 1300 38
        Mackay Permanent Building Society Ltd (07) 4963 0600
        Maitland Mutual Building Society Limited (02) 4933 8044
        Newcastle Permanent Building Society Ltd 13 19 87
        Pioneer Building Society (07) 4957 0800
        Wide Bay Australia Ltd (07) 4153 7777

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